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    Foley Question

    Long story short, I had a huge bladder stone removed several months ago, and Ive been wearing a urethral foley for the last 10 months. Ive always been an intermittent cather for 25 years. I tried removing the foley, to go back to cathing, but each time I do, I hold urine for a short time and then start leaking, big time. I have to practically drink nothing in order to stay dry. I will be seeing the doctor soon and plan to ask him what I should do, but wanted to get some thoughts. I dont take any kind of medication whatsoever except maybe for mandelamine. I tried detrol, ditropan etc. along time ago but couldnt handle the side effects. Blurred vision etc. I asked him about bladder shrinkage. He said its a concern, but that in most cases bladder shrinkage is just temporary and with regular cathing the bladder will eventually expand and hold normal volumes. In other words, the bladder doesnt stay shrunk if its used.Finally, I do have kidney stones. Having a renal scan next week to determine kidney function. Having the stones removed by percutaneous nephrolithotomy sometime in the next 30 days. After having that huge bladder stone removed, Im still getting sand and stone specs in the bladder, probably falling down from my kidney.

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    have you had urodynamics test to determine your bladder capacity/pressure?
    i think the nurse is going to tell you to have one done.
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    Get the stones taken care of first. Then get urodynamics.

    You might be able to go back to IC if you take large doses of anticholenergics again, or try intravesicular Ditropan instillations several times daily, but it is very possible that your bladder has shrunk so much in 10 months that that may not be possible even with heavy doses. You may need to consider an augmentation surgery if you hope to go back to IC without leaking or having high pressures in between caths.


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    You may have had changes in bladder volume and compliance during 10 months with a Foley. These changes may still be reversable. A current urodynamic study will be helpful. You may need some agent to decrease bladder pressure - yes, those nasty anticholinergic drugs. However, you might be a candidate for Botox into the bladder to reduce pressure and increase volume. Finally, you may need to wear a condom catheter to manage leaking in between intermittent catheterizations even after these interventions while the bladder compliance problem resolves. This problem took 10 months to create and won't resolve over night.

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    Tex is right, but so is KLD. Get the stones taken care of and then worry about the cath issue. Those stones can be very nasty!


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