I had a microdiscetomy Aug 2006, the day after I woke up with a baseball size lump at the surgery site, Doctor said it was normal, upon my 2 week check up Doctor aspirated this thing and said out loud, I wonder if I should go back in to remove pressure, but he did not and he kept aspirating this and called it a spinal fluid lead, dural tear.

Three months later he did a blood patch, when I woke up from this, the pain was off the charts, my legs were moving on there own and I was loosing feeling in my legs and bladder. Doctor was not concerned, but the Nurse advised me to go to another hospital right away and so we did. I saw Neurologist there and he was asking why the Doctor that treated me was not treating now, I tried to tell him what had happened, and he advised me to see one of the outpatient neuro's in an appt. that was 2 weeks from the E.R. visit. I suffered while waiting for appt, my pain was a burning pain in legs and no matter how I sit or lay I could not get away from it, in addition to the burning pain, stabbing nerve pain down both legs, with vibration type pain, I begged for death, the pain was that bad. I also could not feel my bladder very well.

When I went to my appt. they just sent me to pain management, did not tell me what was going on. I went to the E.R. 5 times begging for help but got none. The pain management Doctor thought I might have Arachnoiditis, but then decided I did not. I was at this point feeling a little better and was 8 months post op. I started taking morphine and other pain meds just to relieve the pain, but was getting by.

Nov, 2007 we were out of town, I started loosing feeling in legs, with severe pain all over again, but this time I could not urinate, they put me in the hospital for two weeks and the urologist said my bladder was dead, I also had no upper or lower reflex's, but no one mention what this was, they sent me home with a hospital bed, wheelchair, walker and etc.

I continued to get better for a bit only to get worse again, my husband learned to cath me and bath me when I could not. Still no diagnosis!

On June 10th 2009, I started this pain, pressure, lost of legs, bladder problems all over again, I went to my family Doctor he said I need to see a Neuro, I advised him that I am scared because I cannot even feel ice on my legs, but my pain is off the chart's, I have an appt. this Wed with a new Neuro Surgeon. I called his nurse today to advise her that my stomach is hurting severely and now my Bowel's have started leaking, she has not returned my call yet.

Will someone or anyone please tell me how to deal with this and how to get a diagnosis, I have heard, nerve damage, arachnoiditis, spinal abcess which is what caused this problem and it showed up on my MRI, they have tested me for MS and the last I heard was possible post op spinal injury.

Alabama has a 2 year medical malpractice law, which has now expired, but it can be extended to 4 years if i was not aware of the diagnosis, which to date I have not got one. Oh I have been call a walking paraplegic whatever that means!

I am having tremendous pressure in my saddle area, loss of feeling, stomach cramps with gas, bowel leakage, loss of bladder, I can walk sometimes and sometimes not. I am worried that something else is going on back there.

If any of you can tell me what you think, and how to get a diagnosis, and how to learn to use a wheelchair please let me know, my husband and I are so upset right now. Nobody wants to treat me!

Anyway I am glad I found you!