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Thread: medications for bladder spasms

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    medications for bladder spasms

    I need help! I have been taking ditropan for years and am tired of the sideffects - drousiness and cotton mouth. I did take it at night, around 10mg and it didn't bother me. But a urologist told me it was an 8 hr med and wasnt helping me. I tried vesicare but it didn't help at all. My rehab dr recently had me try sanctura and it worker great but it made me constipated. He told me there wasn't anything else I could try. Is that true?? Is there a med that doesn't have these visious side effects?
    Even though it's not well with my body,
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    Botox injections. Nothing else compares.

    Use the search engine here, there's been ample discussion on this.

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    I have a friend who tried that and it caused weakness in his already weak bicepts is that the norm?
    Even though it's not well with my body,
    it is well with my soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Wheelchair Rider View Post
    I have a friend who tried that and it caused weakness in his already weak bicepts is that the norm?
    I don't know what the statistical occurence is, but if it was the norm the procedure would cease being available. It's a legitimate concern, but I think it's the great exception to the rule. The urologist who did my injections -- as part of a study sponsored by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox -- reports no cases of patients experiencing those side effects. I wonder if there's a correlation between physician skill/experience with the procedure and patients who experience remote muscle weakness. It's important to ask any urologist who you might consider for this procedure how many of these procedures they have performed and the incident rate of unwanted side effects among their patients.

    No one can offer you a guarantee. The choice to pursue Botox injections will rest on how miserable you are with you current treatment and the thoroughness of the homework you do in finding a qualified provider.

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    Medications used for bladder spasm are called anticholenergics. There are many of them (Ditropan, Ditropan XL, Detrol, Detrol LA, Vesicare, Sanctura, Enablex, etc. plus older meds like Probantine and Banthine, plus Levsin). All tend to cause the common side effects of constipation, dry mouth, dry eyes, and sometimes memory and concentration problems. Of this list, Sanctura tends to be the best for those who already have cognitive problems (such as TBI or with MS).

    If you do intermittent cath, you might want to discuss the use of intravesicular Ditropan (bladder instillations of Ditropan solution) 2-3X daily at the end of your catheterizations. Side effects when used via this route are minimal, and it works just as well as the oral route.

    Bladder Botox is a new procedure, and when done by a urologist who is experienced in this procedure, under proper supervision, generalized weakness is VERY rare, and of relatively brief duration.

    If Botox is not for you, or does not work, the next step would be a surgical augmentation. This is a big surgery, and should be considered a last resort.


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    Botox is probably the only alternative that does not have the side effects you are describing. Some people are better able to tolerate the drugs than others. The cotton mouth would probably drive me nuts....

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