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Thread: DME question of need for a new chair.

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    DME question of need for a new chair.

    I've got a bit of a dilemma that I could use some advice on. I'm getting my first new chair out of rehab. 4.5 years post. Insurance bought me a powerchair and I bought a Tilite ZRA out of pocket. I've new really used the powerchair and really only have it as a backup in case i hurt a shoulder etc. Well now it's time to get a new manual and i want insurance to buy this one. I have no DME limit on my policy and just need to get it prescribed. I've got all the necessary paper work in but my DME sent me a letter last week saying that BCBS had requested more info on my last chair. What's wrong with it, how old, can it be fixed. They don't know about my manual because i've never asked them to buy anything since the original purchase of the powerchair. Anyone have any advice on how to move forward? I don't think a lie is required but the "right" answer will no doubt make this happen faster and easier.
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    you can just be honest about the PWC, but tell them that you have the ZRA but how it was not properly fitted for you and mention your shoulder pain. They would rather buy you a manual than a PWC. You may want to say something about the ZRA being beyond repair (bent frame, etc)

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