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Thread: Adaptive waterski for sale

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    Adaptive waterski for sale

    I am selling my old Kan Ski Comp 1 ski and cage. I bought it used 4 summers ago. Not exactly sure how long the previous owner had it but I would say no longer than a few years. The cage has some wear and tear but serves its purpose. The entire unit is solid and safe. There is a block mounted on the front with a slit cut in the nose of the ski for anyone like me with quad-clubs. If you are able to start while holding on to the rope, the block can be easily removed without affecting the way the ski handles.

    Not the best ski for a first-timer but if you've been out a handful of times and/or have good balance and decent core and upper body strength, you'll love it.

    Size-wise: When I was using this ski, I was 5'8" 170lbs. and the cage was a tad too large for me. Some extra padding and sacrificing a little bit of comfort during wipe-outs solved that problem. So my guess would be that anyone under 6 feet tall and 200lbs should fit the cage just fine.

    Asking $600 + shipping.

    The ski is "up at the lake" so I don't have any good product shots to post but they're on the way. If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to PM me or respond to this post.



    *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***

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    Here are some pics. Like I said, the cage looks like it's been through the ringer but don't let the duct tape on the padding fool you. As a general practice, that usually needs to be re-taped a few times per season (depending how much time you spend on the water) anyway.

    *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***

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