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Thread: What to do about ricci kilgore and her false claims

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    What to do about ricci kilgore and her false claims

    Since discovering the archived vaultworld newsletter that clearly shows that Ricci Kilgore is a fraud and sold a false story to the media to promote Medra the Scam Stem cell clinic, I just want to shout it to the world, what a liar she is.

    Ricci Post

    Feeling Restored Throughout Her Legs - Medical Team Says
    She'll Walk Again
    A 6-8 hour surgery was performed Tuesday at RenoÕs Washoe Medical Center to repair and relieve pressure on a ruptured vertebrae in her broken back. The surgery entailed cleaning out the bone fragments from the ruptured vertebrae, straightening out the two vertabrae above the injured one to relieve pressure, and grafting bone from her hip to reconstruct the damaged segment. Prior to the surgery, Kilgore
    had feeling to her knees, but not below. Contacted in Intensive Care Wednesday morning at Washoe, Kilgore said she has regained feeling to her toes, and said that doctors had said they may begin physical therapy at the end of the week to begin the recovery process.

    SElf magazine article:

    She says her doctors told her she'd never walk again. And for more than a year, she couldn't move her legs or feel anything below her waist besides a twinge in her left thigh.

    Am I wrong to want to call the paralympics and tell them Ricci Kilgore is a fraud or should i just accept the world is a place filled with con men disabled and able bodied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljoy View Post
    ]Am I wrong to want to call the paralympics and tell them Ricci Kilgore is a fraud or should i just accept the world is a place filled with con men disabled and able bodied.
    I don't think that accepting dishonesty is ever a good thing.


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    I don't see how her belief in/desire to promote a fraudulent treatment affects her athletic skills. Those are real. I think contacting the Paralympics ppl would be a vicious, unnecessary attack, unless you think premier athletes owe it to the public to be above reproach in all aspects of their lives. I've always thought that to be a silly, naive expectation of ppl that simply have the focus, physical attributes and determination to excel in sports.

    If you bring down Medra, Ricci's career as spokeswoman for that Medra bs goes up in smoke.

    Maybe I'm gullible. I feel Ricci has been used badly by her family. Her belief in her uncle, that he wouldn't put his flesh and blood in harm's way, strikes me as merely sad. She's taken some significant risks. (You aren't doubting that she had the procedure done, are you?) She's young, she's earned her sports awards. I hope she doesn't grow to hate her family for exploiting her onjury, which I have long felt did happen. How sad is that?

    Medra is a sitting duck. It's all caveat emptor out there, nonetheless, and folks are desperate. Educate the public on the fraud being perpetuated by Medra. Don't attack Ricci personally, unless you can prove she is cognizant of the fraud. I think she wants to believe, she trusts her family, I've never seen proof that she means to defraud the public.

    But she's pimping a company that does. I'm with you there.

    I don't know Ricci personally. But I didn't think Michael Phelps should have been outed for taking a bong hit-he won those medals fair and square. He's a legit athlete, he's paid his dues. Ricci Kilgore has too.

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    I absolutely feel the same way about Michael Phelps and the smoking pot scandal. It was ridiculous and had nothing to do with his performance as an athlete. I do believe that Ricci has worked hard for her paralympic achievements.

    But what the problem is Medra still actively is pimping the Ricci LIE and it is an outright lie. Everyone that goes to the DR is skeptical but visual wins over science.

    Believe me I am trying to out Medra. It is very hard because false hope is what they sell . Here is an example today recieved an e-mail :

    My son paid Medra $30,000 and had treatment on December 07, 2007, and has already sent in just this week $12,500 to return to the Dominica Republic on June 26. He has stated that Ricci had to had 3 treatments before she had any real improvement.

    THIS is how they sell her story. If you get nothing the first time they tell you , well Ricci had to come several times. Of course in the self magazine article she says:

    Kilgore says she noticed a difference almost right away. In two weeks, she had more stamina and was able to stand for a few seconds, braces still on her legs; in two months, using her braces and a walker, she took 100 steps in the park near her home. Several weeks later, she was eating a burger outside with her mother when a fly landed on her shin, an area that since her accident had lost all sensation. As she instinctively swatted it away, the two women stared at each other, amazed. "The fly was annoying, but I was rejoicing that I could feel it

    A Rader SCI patient complained on a topix forum about what a rip off Medra is March 2009 . He went for treatment July 2008. First, the patient relations/miracle child parent called him, then Rader and finally Ricci. She said you need to make the stem cell work for you and usually need more than 1 treatment.

    Medra paid for an all expense paid trip for free stem cells after he retracted his complaint. They sent him to their new expanded location in Tijuana. Of course no results.

    She is lying before the Texas State legislature by saying the doctors told her she would never walk. Obviously that is a lie. Within weeks of the accident her doctors said would walk again.

    See how the video promotes heart breaking hope for parents of special needs kids. It was forwarded to this woman by Azita a Sales rep/ mother of a Medra website miracle child.


    I feel like it is criminal but i also feel that Ricci was raised in a shady element. Her mom works for Forsythe as sales. His Wellness Clinic is filled with testimonials. That says it all. LOL

    I know one thing I am tired. I have been harrassed by Medra employees (not Ricci) and Medra Believers, that is what they call themselves, I swear it is like a cult.

    Rader has a book coming out in January and hundreds more will flock to the DR or Tijuana believing what is in print and then they will watch that Ricci kilgore video which seems to legitimize Dr Rader's claims.

    I can't even post the truth on it about her injury level and the truth about the manipulation of the facts. Soundpolicy or the Texans for Stem Cell research filter all the posts that go on her video.

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    I share your frustration. I spent a lot of time on this website trying to get somebody to tell me her darned injury level already LOL! And had the usual suspects call me out for naysaying hope, etc.

    I' e had emails from ppl in the past, like you, that faded away. I wonder what happened to them?

    You can't police the globe is all I know. If ppl are so desperate and so DUMB that they want to spend their $$ flying to the DR to have really suspect materials injected into them, what can you do?

    I admire your crusade. I fear it will end in more frustration. Ricci has dealt with the public a long time. She sees people like you as haters. The day she sees through her delusions is the day her heart breaks, can you imagine what her people have done to her? She may live forever defending her exploitation rather than face that heartbreak alone. She wouldn't be the first to be complicit in her own misuse, rather than confront it.

    I just hope those cells don't grow anything they aren't supposed to, that is the aspect that has always troubled me. We know far too little about carcinogens, triggers, and so on.

    At this point, I shake my head and think Come ON, people! (And the evil part of me contemplates injecting mustard for $20,000 a pop. It might sting a little, that's how you know it's working! See ya in 6 months, don't forget your checkbook...) I'm surprised there aren't more Raders out there, this is a terrible terrible injury and it brings desperation like nothing I've seen before. Except cancer.

    If I were you I'd start my own website...Truth Re or somesuch. Open up those comments. Expose the liars. You can do it for $50 a year. It would give you an outlet and potential victims another perspective. It would be a public service.
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    [quote] Am I wrong to want to call the paralympics and tell them Ricci Kilgore is a fraud or should i just accept the world is a place filled with con men disabled and able bodied.[/quote]

    In my opinion you would be wrong in condemning the entire Paralympic movement. Which is what you are alleging has gone on.

    All participants must undergo proper medical evaluation and then they are classified as to the nature of their disability and the grouping within which they can compete. I am not defending any specific person.

    Your assertion is that Paralympics is part of some coning.

    Try not to jump on everyone who competes or has competed in Paralympic sports, as you seek to zero in on one person you feel is not appropriate. William


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    I think you jumped the guh

    I am Ricci’s husband

    I tried to access that article and went to the vault site and searched all over. The only article I could find was one about her rock climb. I am married to Ricci and neither she nor I have seen that article before. When Ricci was first hurt she was very positive and knew she would pole-vault again. She would not accept that she could not walk. She was scooped off the floor many times when she would proper herself up and let go, then crumble to the floor. I don't have a SCI but from my understanding and those of you who are incompletes there is all sorts of weird feelings and phantom pains. Perhaps she was optimistic and said she could feel and mistook it for phantom pains but it wasn't real. Also, especially those of you who are injured, you know how arrogant these doctors are especially neurosurgeons. They don’t talk to reporters, what medical team made these statements. I do some writing for her because I feel it is right to do so. This sight especially makes her very angry to see people write about her thinking they know something about her because some writer and editor wanted to write in a particular way. Why don’t you try to find the Reno Gazette Journal articles about how she vowed to vault again and that she will walk again (her words not the ding dong doctors). Her doctor entered the room very coldly and told her she would be wheelchair bound and that was it. No hope, no alternative ideas just bla next patient please. Ricci has been one for the fight to legalize stem-cell treatments in the US for SCI. She tried to use her nephews cord cells because they matched her blood but the FDA said no. I think the FDA was the final say, what matters is it was not legal for her to use those on a spinal cord injury. Awsome! So she has been speaking and getting her story out so people could have some hope and more people could fight to allow these treatments. All she did is say where she got her treatments, and what she experienced which for her was amazing. That is wrong of her? That makes her a liar to go from a little feeling in her quads more in her left and able to prop herself up and stand on about 50% of her own weight to great changes after her first treatment. How many other incompletes have been able to do that for years and still can’t walk. She experienced such a difference in 6 months after her first treatment that she raised more money to go again. All she has done is spend money on the treatments and has made none in return for her fight to make things better for those who want to sit on the sidelines and point finger at those doing the heavy lifting and wait for things to just happen for them. My wife is no liar and all she has done is put herself in the crosshairs for you all who don’t do a damn thing about your situation. I don’t think that article actually exists and if it does I would like to see who wrote it, what pub. There was only one surgery, are you sure? I think there was an awful lot of detail in that article especially when that information is protected by law. Since Ricci doesn't know anything about it, it is possible someone took some words/hopes and so on to make a happy article to make thier readers feel warm and fuzzy. I am sorry if I went on a rant or put anyone on the defense but it is quite a claim to call someone a liar and a fraud when all they are trying to do is spead the word that stemcells work.

    The Paralympic’s committee has what is called a classifier and they do physical testing and she is classified as a para.

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    Dear Ricci's husband,

    Five minutes and 14 seconds inot the medra infomercial you wife says " I wasn't offered alot of umm therapy because they didn't have alot of hope."


    I thank God that youtube video will never be posted on blogs by Medra employees to legitimize Dr Rader again. Countless numbers of SCI patients that NEVER would have believed Rader but were swayed by your testimony threw 30,000 dollars into the pockets of William C Rader the stem cell fraud.

    The original articles are from the Idaho State journal archives. To get the hard copy you must pay to retrieve the articles. The first year of her injury in 2000, there are 4 articles. Then in 2005, Ricci re-appears saying the doctors told her she would never walk and talking about stem cells.

    These articles speak for themselves.

    Bengal track athletes injured in accident

    By Journal Staff

    POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) Three Idaho State University freshmen track and field athletes were injured last weekend in a one-car accident while driving back to the school from Reno, Nev.

    Ricci Kilgore, Paul Litchfield and Nick Herald were driving in a van that hit a patch of black ice and skidded, overturned, then rolled on Sunday. Litchfield, who was driving, and Herald both were shaken but did not require medical attention.

    Kilgore was thrown from the vehicle and landed nearly 30 feet away. She suffered a broken back and was taken by Life Flight to Washoe Medical Center in Reno.

    Kilgore remained in stable condition Monday night and reported feeling nothing from her knees down. That was an improvement from 12 hours previously, when Kilgore had no feeling from the waist down. She was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday.

    Kilgore was a pole vaulter who competed late in the year for the Bengals. Herald and Litchfield were multi-event specialists

    Publication:Idaho State; Date:Mar 22, 2000; Section:Undefined; Page Number:1

    ISU pole vaulters surgery successful

    By The Journal Staff

    RENO, Nev. Ricci Kilgore, the Idaho State University freshman pole vaulter who was injured in a car accident on Sunday as she and two other freshman athletes returned home from a trip to Reno, Nev., underwent surgery Tuesday morning to relieve pressure on the injured part of her broken back.

    The surgery was termed a success by hospital medical staff. Feeling was restored throughout her legs and the medical team that performed the operation said she should regain full use of her legs.

    Kilgore, who attended Reno High School, was driving back to Pocatello with Nick Herald and Paul Litchfield, when their van encountered black ice about a mile east of the I-84/I-86 junction and flipped.

    Kilgore, who was sent out of the back window of the van, was thrown 30 feet and broke her back upon impact. The affected vertebrae is located in the lumbar region, almost straight back from the belly button. Herald, who was driving, and Litchfield did not require medical attention.

    Kilgore was taken to Cassia Hospital in Burley, Idaho, then Life-Flighted to Washoe Medical Center in Reno.

    Her surgery began at 11 a.m. local time and entailed cleaning out the bone fragments from the ruptured vertebrae, straightening out the two vertebrae above the injured one to relieve pressure, and grafting bone from her hip to reconstruct the damaged segment.

    Paul Heglar, her high school track coach, said that everything could not have gone better, regarding the surgery Tuesday.

    Date:Mar 23, 2000;
    Page Number:1

    Injured Bengal pole vaulter regains feeling
    By The Journal Staff

    RENO, Nev. Following successful surgery Tuesday on Ricci Kilgores broken back, feeling has been restored throughout her legs and into her toes, and physical therapy could begin as early as the end of the week.

    Kilgore, a freshman pole vaulter from Idaho State, was injured as she and two others freshman track athletes returned home from a trip to Reno, Nev.

    A 6-8 hour surgery was performed Tuesday at Renos Washoe Medical Center to repair and relieve pressure on a ruptured vertebrae in her broken back.

    Contacted in Intensive Care Wednesday morning at Washoe, Kilgore said she has regained feeling to her toes and said she may begin physical therapy at the end of the week to begin the recovery process.

    Publication:Idaho State; Date:May 27, 2000; Section:Undefined; Page Number:1

    Injured ISU athlete on way back home

    By The Journal Staff

    RENO, Nev. Idaho State freshman Ricci Kilgore has progressed to outpatient status, two months after suffering a broken back in a traffic accident here.

    Kilgore, a pole vaulter for the Idaho State track and field team last fall, was thrown from a van on the way back to Pocatello from Reno, Nev., on March 19. During the initial hours following the accident, Kilgore had no feeling in her legs or toes.

    Surgery was performed after the accident to repair the injured vertebrae and the long road of recovery started with physical therapy sessions to strengthen the area around the injury. Kilgore does about 90 minutes of work with her physical therapist each day, then does an additional three hours of work on her own. Because of her hard work, Kilgore can now recover in the comfort of her own home.

    Paul Heglar, her track coach at Reno High School who has been with Kilgore throughout the ordeal, said the physical therapy is currently focused on strengthening her legs, specifically the hamstrings. Kilgore lost a lot of weight initially after the accident, but has put back on nine pounds in the past few weeks.

    They are working with her everyday in the walker and working on her holding her own weight, Heglar said. They are trying to regain muscle.

    Kilgores goal is to pole vault again, but for the immediate future her focus is on therapy, in the hopes of re-enrolling in college next fall or the following spring.

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    Good detective work, ljoy. Ricci and spouse have allegedly been posting in another thread this week, you might be interested. Look for trout1 and trout2, I believe. Her injury seems so incomplete. Maybe that is why it has been difficult to get the simple info like injury level, ASIA classification.

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    Thanks Bethany,

    My intentions are only to make it easier for people to find out the truth about Medra and the way they manipulate their miracle cases. If Ricci’s tale was the only Medra testimony of twisted truth, I would not have been so fast to use the word fraud. Manipulating the truth about injuries and illnesses, is a pattern that has made Medra a very successful offshore stem cell provider.

    John Brower is Rader’s right hand man, self described as the patients relation man. His child is Brian’s miracle from the Medra website. His son’s real name is Jake.
    This is the Medra website claiming Brian aka Jake, was semi-vegetative for three years until the saw Rader, somewhere in 2006.

    Here is the same child using some of the same pictures, in an august 2006 Steenblock newsletter, claiming the same improvements form umbilical cord stem cells.

    The weird part is that Dr Steenblock, Dr Forsythe, Ricci’s uncle and Valerie Kilgore, Ricci’s mom are all part of Nevada’s homeopathic medical community.

    The scary part is that this group has been trying to get their hands on stem cell therapy for years.

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