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Thread: Pain from Coloplast Sure cath or other Hydrophillic Catheters

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    Pain from Coloplast Sure cath or other Hydrophillic Catheters

    A few people I spoke with started having pain after using the Sure Cath from Coloplast. Has anybody else experienced this or pain from an other hdro type catheter.
    Hydrophillic catheters go in easier but their eyes(holes) are punched leaving a sharp edge vs the fire polished eyes .


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    I used to use Mentor hydrophillic catheters (now Coloplast brand) before I switched to LoFric's and hated them, because the drain holes would scrape the inside of my mitrofanoff stoma, despite using a smaller french size. That would make the next time I cath hurt like hell. I think the company needs to file the drain holes a wee bit better.
    The intermittent catheters I use now (LoFric Primo) have not caused me any pain or problems. Plus, the coating seems to stay on them better than the Mentor/Coloplast and Rochester ones.


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    I've been using SureCaths for years without issue.

    I am prone to urethral strictures but it is an issue only when trying to pass a cystoscope, such as when I receive Botox injections. The SureCaths pass through the stricture easily. No bleeding, no pain.

    LoFrics have a more generous hydrophilic coating than the SureCath, but I find the overall design of the SureCath closed system more to my liking.

    Polished eyelets on all caths would, however, be a plus.

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