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Thread: Experimental Surgery For Paralyzed Kids

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    Experimental Surgery For Paralyzed Kids

    Experimental Surgery For Paralyzed Kids
    Posted by: Thomas Hendrick, News Editor

    POSTED: 4:37 pm MDT June 9, 2009

    BACKGROUND: A new surgery is helping patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury or were born with spina bifida regain control of their bladder and bowel function.

    Spina bifida is a serious birth defect that occurs when the tissue around the spinal cord doesn"t close properly. The spinal cord pushes through the opening, damaging nerve ends. It affects two out of every 1,000 births.

    After birth, surgeons close the opening but scar tissue is left behind, which can cause neurological problems. As kids grow, they must have a detethering procedure to trim away the scar tissue.
    CONTROLLING BLADDER AND BOWEL MOVEMENTS: Many children with spina bifida and spinal cord injuries experience bladder and bowel dysfunction. Not many treatment options exist for a problem that can be especially damaging to children.


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    This sounds good. Hope the trial results are positive.

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