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Thread: CCC site slow

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    None of the metrics I checked over the past couple of hours appear abnormal, so I'm at a loss right now. It may be a networking issue at Rutgers, but I'll need to verify that.

    Please stick with us until we figure this out.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Still the slowest loading site I visit. Is it just that popular?

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    It is slow. I find it is REALLY slow when attempting to remove spam or move threads or posts to a more appropriate location.

    I now am in the habit of opening multiple windows so I can work on a different thread when waiting for the site to very slowly process a move, or sometimes just walking away and coming back after 5 minutes or so and hoping that the move has completed! It is taking me easily twice the time it used to to check in and handle new posts, so I can no longer get this done quickly during my break time at work any more....


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    Bandwidth alocation cutback?

    Hi Stephen I know that you have worked on this slowness issue but CCC site is so slow that I am wondering sometimes if my system is crashing.

    Has Rutgers given CCC the lowest level of priority for Rutgers users? I believe that if they have cranked back on the bandwidth access and priority access for CCC and thus we are seeing this type of lag. This has been an issue for a couple of months and seems to have started after the school year ended.

    Perhaps we are no longer a Tier I user on Rutgers and thus the priority for messages and information is the slowest of any site I have seen in years.

    Maybe it might take some intervention from Wise to cause our "lag" issues to disappear.



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    We had 400+ users yesterday, which was what was causing the slowness yesterday.

    Hang on for just a wee bit longer and all will be well.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Hope you fix it soon or I won't send attractive female soccer players to kick your ass

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    We are so used to everything getting faster and faster that when they come up with instantaneous transportation there will be people complaining it's too slow. (snarkily snarked)

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    Well it's mega slow again today, not happy
    I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past, so one way to get the most out of life is to look at it as an adventure.

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    Omg, soon as i posted that, it's suddenly gone quick hah
    I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past, so one way to get the most out of life is to look at it as an adventure.

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    On any given day, there may be three reasons for slowing of the carecure server.

    The first and most frequent is internet slowdowns. These are common and depend on traffic and the performance of various internet nodes in and around the New York and New Jersey region. To get around such slowdowns, most major internet companies (such as google, yahoo, etc.) have multiple servers all over the world and dedicated nodes that can shift traffic as necessary to maintain the speed of their responses.

    The second is our server response. At the present, we are using a 4-year old Mac X-server. We are also using all the bells and whistles of the V-bulletin board which greatly increases the server load. For example, allowing people to "ignore" another member's posts is a very server intensive feature because it requires the server to create and recreate a new set of pageviews for every member who is online. We are currently getting an average of over 20,000 unique users per day and may get up to 500 online users at a time.

    The third is internet connectivity at Rutgers. Rutgers is about as well-connected a university can be. They spent $100 million on improving internet connections of Rutgers. All the connections flow through an Internet gateway. About a year ago, I was shocked to find out that Rutgers had shut our server out from the internet gateway because we had peak traffic that exceeded some internally set limit. It took Rutgers 3 days to find this out. They initially blamed it on our server. In addition, we have had three power failures in the past year that resulted in the site being down for more than 24 hours. I asked for solutions.

    So, the following solutions have been proposed and are being implemented.
    • We are moving CareCure to a faster and more expandable Unix server
    • The CareCure server will be located in a power-protected area.
    • Rutgers will give us a direct line to the internet gateway.

    The computers have arrived and have been installed in the new location. We are in the process of transferring the site over. When that happens, I think that response time of the server will be significantly shorter. We currently don't have the solution to maintain mirror servers in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa but I am starting to look at that possibility, particularly for Asia.


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