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Thread: c4-5 incomplete. no hands no triceps

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    Question c4-5 incomplete. no hands no triceps

    hi I'm new in the CC comunity.
    I'm a quad since 1 and half year, doing a good amount of PT, about 6-7 hours a week...well my question is...will I ever be more indipendent?
    I really would like to transfer and dress up by myself, but right now I don't see that coming.
    I have a great family support and always was a good strong and sporty guy, and really put a lot of efforts on my rehab when I don't work.
    I would like the advise of someone that is in my similar condition...thanks
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    welcome gigio,

    I have a friend c4/5.
    He joined my rugby team, and made a huge improvements after just one season.

    I guess the only way to know if you can become more independent is to keep on trying

    Sounds like you have adapted well in such a short time, keep up the good work!

    Try to find a rugby team to play on!

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