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Thread: Portable roll-in shower?

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    Portable roll-in shower?

    My fiancee (who has a C5-6 injury) and I are getting married soon and we're going to be moving out. We are quickly realizing how difficult it is to find an apartment with a roll-in shower. I mean it's darn near impossible. We saw a couple of websites advertising "portable roll-in showers". Essentially it seems you can set up anywhere near a bathtub, sink, toilet, or washing machine and you attach it to a water source and a receptacle (like a bathtub) that you can drain the water into. It seems like a really good alternative for us, but I don't really know how well this works out for people. Has anyone ever used one of these before? If anyone is mechanically/engineering-minded and wouldn't mind looking at the website for the one that we think looks good and letting me know what you think, here's the link:

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    Have seen these but never used one. I would think that you would be much more functional if you were to spend the same amount of money investing in a sliding tub/toilet chair such as this one:

    This one can also be used for travel:


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    Thank you SCInurse. We'll check this out.

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    Once again, SCI nurse, many, many thanks. After learning about this equipment, we kind of thought about things and realized what our primary problem was. In every single one of the older apartments we saw, the bathroom doors were too narrow for him to even fit through. So we thought that maybe we should start looking at new apartments, like ones built in the last 10 years. Well we found a beautiful place that will be perfect for us with a nice big bathroom door and plenty of maneuvering space in the bathroom. And we're going to be getting a fabulous deal on it too. So happy. Thank you!

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