Local News

Al Sullivan
Reporter senior staff writer 06/20/2004

"The state of New Jersey, already ahead of the country in supporting the concept of stem cell about to make an even bolder move by budgeting money to help get the research off the ground...Gov. Jim McGreevey is expected to unveil a new proposal during his budget presentation on June 22, making New Jersey the first state in the county to put money behind the effort.

McGreevey is expected to allocate $6.5 million in the fiscal 2004-5 budget to fund embryonic stem cell research, making New Jersey the first state in the United States to use public funds for that purpose...

...Nancy Reagan's courage and dignity in calling for stem cell research will hopefully be the foundation for the White House changing its position," McGreevey said..

..Why is stem cell research important?

McGreevey said his position is partly based on the fact that stem cell research can provide "groundbreaking hope" for people suffering from serious spinal injuries. "This is not a Democratic or Republican issue," he said. "This is an issue of providing hope and opportunity for a potential cure for our citizens, their families and their friends...

"This is not political; it's a matter of finding a political breakthrough," he said..."