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Thread: how do you break enema dependence

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    how do you break enema dependence

    I am a c4 incomplete central cord.I have been using an enemeez mini daily im since my inj.(2006). I'm able to push it out but depend on the enema to help start the process.I'm leary of stopping use of the enema ,I don't want be constipated.Any suggestions.Thanks...

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    Is it not working for you? Now sure why you want to stop using it. Although called a mini-enema, with the tiny volumn of liquid (about 5 cc.) it is not really an enema, but instead a "liquid suppository". No evidence it will harm you. If it is working, I would stick with it. If not, you might want to try the Magic Bullet suppository instead.


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    Its working but....

    Someone has to give it to me as i cant reach back there and I have 30% use of l/hand w/liitle suprntn.R/hand about 10% and dead ulner nerve from a u/release surg that devleloped a hematoma>Im trying to be more ind and this is 1 thing less i would have to depend on someone else.

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    You didn't say that in your first message. If you want to be more independent, then I suggest you try first substituting a generic bisacodyl suppository, or a Magic Bullet if the former is not strong enough. You will probably also need to get a suppository inserter to make you as independent as possible in using this by yourself.


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    Will this help me from using anything ?

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    Diet. Fiber and fluids help. Exercise. Stretching and movement will aid in the digestion process quite a bit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by myerstim View Post
    Will this help me from using anything ?
    Constipation (hard dry stools) can be helped with more fiber and fluids in your diet, and more exercise. Having stool that is less dry makes it easier to do bowel care, and some people with SCI can get by with only manual removal (LMN) or only digital stimulation (UMN) but most find they need to use a suppository of some time to get the stool down into the rectum to then evacuate. Do you also use dig stim, and can you do that yourself?


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