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Thread: Transfer lift reviews/opinions

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    Transfer lift reviews/opinions

    Anyone have opinions on transfer lifts in particular one that is portable for traveling. After 24 years of using a transfer board I find myself in the market for a lift and in particular I have had my eye on this one
    But nowhere can I find any reviews on it or anyone who has tried it out and sense the purchase is coming straight out of my pocket I'm very cautious about what to get, so if anyone is familiar with this particular lift or something similar please let me know thank you..
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    I am using a motorized MOLIFT, provided by the VA. The Hoyer you're looking at is very similar. My MOLIFT has performed superbly and I would recommend it to anyone. It folds edasily for transporting. The U.S. distributor can be called at (813) 969-2213. They may have a web site, try Googling MOLIFT.

    Hope you find a lift that works for you.
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    The Molift Smart and the Hoyer Advance have been recommended by KLD. I just missed a Molift on eBay - it went for $1500, $20 over my max bid! I think the Advance is cheaper than the Smart.
    - Richard.

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    Thumbs down Kauai

    Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the Molift Smart. I bought one in 2006 for my father, who is diabled. It was expensive, but I thought it seemed durable. Within a year, the power column failed. Within 2 1/2 years, the life had failed completely. Although my father is disabled, most of his caregivers do not use the lift. It was used 2-3 times a week to transfer him from the wheelchair to the bed. So, it had seen very little use. The manufacturer is difficult to work with. The company assured us that we could perfrom the simple yearly maintenance- check castors for hair and dust, check battery voltage. Now that it appears that the product is a dud, they will not honor their warranty. We are buying a Hoyer portable life. Hoyer is a reputable, dependable company. I would avoid Molift. Even the company that sold the lift to us thought the manufacturer was unreasonable.

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    Kauai, that has not been our experience. I have one client who has has his Molift Smart now for 5 years, and it has worked well for him without any breakdowns. He uses it both at home and for travel several times daily.

    If you are going with Hoyer, I would suggest only the Hoyer Advance. None of the rest of their models are as compact, and none are practical for travel except this one.

    You may also want to take a look at the LikoLight.


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    I recently purchased the Molift Smart and have been very pleased. I bought the travel case for it and will be taking it on my next trip.

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