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Thread: pre paid legal

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    pre paid legal

    has anyone joined? has anyoneone sold it? i am curious i like the sound of it but also see
    where they keep wanting you to buy so many sales tools

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    Prepaid Legal is completely legitimate. However, it is multi-level marketing. I have a friend who works as a software engineer for an aerospace company and he wanted me to sign up for Prepaid Legal. I didn't want anything to do with another multi-level marketing company. My friend thought (BTW, he's in a wheelchair) he could leave his job at the aerospace company and just do Prepaid Legal, and retire early. All I can say is that he gave Prepaid Legal a good effort but he still works as a software engineer and he is no longer affiliated with Prepaid Legal. Bottom line: To make money you need to sign up family and friends and then you get a cut from their sales. That's my best recollection.
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    yes it is mulilevel but i have friends that sell real estate and insurance no not quitting
    day job i work parttime but they are always trying to sell u aids. hell that what i do is sell
    i am not buying into that other

    but thanks for replying

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