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Thread: Transformer for my laptop

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    Transformer for my laptop

    I really want to take my laptop with me. But - the contact is different and we use 220 Volt and you use 110 Volt. Is there any way I can buy a transformer so I can use my own over there and show the people I meet all my pictures I have on the laptop.

    Somebody said you had 220 Volt in the bathroom, that is ok for me, the battery is big and keep some hours and I am even ready to sit in the bathroom chatting with people here and sending travelling letters and read my emails.
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    You will find only 110V commonly available here, except for special wiring such as to electric stoves, clothes dryers, etc.
    Does your laptop's power supply have a label on it saying that it works only with 220V? Mine, for example, says it works with 100-240V, 50-60Hz. If it definitely will not work with 110V, what make/model is your laptop? It will probably be much cheaper and less hassle to find a new power supply rather than to buy a step-up transformer.
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    I'm almost willing to bet that your current power supply will handle 120vac just fine, as most power supplies build now days are 120/240 volts. The only reason they built them that way is to make them universal, because there is no reason whatsoever to make the US power supplies 240v, as it's impossible to plug in a 240 volt outlet here in US. The only difference between the European and the US power supplies is the plug, and the only thing you are probably going to need is something like this:
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    Ît is a Multicom Fl 61. And when I am looking, it is written on the adapter it is working from 100 to 240 Volts. So maybe I can only change the cable to the adapter? But I need if for my cell phone too or do I need to buy a new cell too? I mean, it is expensive stuff, the laptop and the cell phone, I can't destroy it.
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    Bente, when Meg was in Ireland, she found that her laptop has a converter built into the charger, and she just needed a plug adapter. I don't know if that is the case with yours.

    The best bet may be just leaving it home, and putting any pictures and other files on a flash drive. You could just use computers here instead. (Thinking all the cc peeps have one? LOL). The flash drives aren;t very expensive.
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    For your laptop, all you will need is an adapter like the one AC06 showed; your normal power plug will go into the adapter, which goes into the wall socket.

    Stephanie's suggestion about leaving the computer and bringing a flash drive or three (or maybe buying them here as you fill them up) is a good idea - that would be lots easier to haul around, although you wouldn't have quite the same freedom of use.

    Check the label on the power supply for your cell phone charger to see if it also accepts 100-240V. But there might be other problems with operating a European cell phone in the US - perhaps someone else knows more about that than I do.

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