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Thread: push handle strength??

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    push handle strength??

    hey everyone, i just have a quick question. im looking to get a folding chair. leaning towards a quickie gtx. i need it to have some push handles because my family and friends live on 2nd+ floors so i have to be carried upstairs. i would like to get folding push handles but i dont know how strong they are. has anyone tried them out being carried upstairs? i wont be using it that much because my daily chair is a invacare t6a(awesome) but it doesnt have handles. any advice will help.

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    if you are going to order a GTX, i will go for the short push handles.

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    Push handles

    I have a quikie gtx that i use for mu back up chair. I have the folding handles and they are as strong as the other ones in my opinion. I have had family and friends carry me up flights of stairs with no problems.
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    thanks everyone

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    I very very used to get upstairs and other obstacles where i need to be carried by my friends.

    I have Tilite Fold down push handles, but I'm avoiding make much force on it, when I really need to take upstais, I use my backup chair with fixed push handles.

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