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Thread: Sudden Loss of Bladder Control...

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    Sudden Loss of Bladder Control...

    I have a T5 complete injury, about 10 months post. I cath every 4-6 hours, and have done so since I was hurt and my bladder always held, no accidents. Today out of no where my bladder let go four times. What the hell is up with my body?

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    An UTI?

    First sign for me.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Doesn't look like it. My urine is crystal clear. My right abdomen seams to be giving of a lot of heat now.

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    UTI, Stone... call your uro in the morning and if your symptoms get worse before then head to the ER. Don't mess around with your kidneys.
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    My urine is clear most of the time if I have an UTI. Depends on which bacteria.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Hey, friend! Prayers from me to you...

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    It is possible that you have a UTI, but if you have no other symptoms (fever, chills, AD, flank pain, malaise) it is unlikely that this is the direct cause.

    I would suspect more that you are now finally coming out of spinal shock and that your bladder, which can change significantly over the first year, is now showing itself for the true characteristics of a neurogenic bladder for you. This would include instability and leaking due to bladder spasm at low volumes. You may also now have high pressures.

    Have you had urodynamics? When? Are you taking anticholenergic medications at all? Is your urologist an expert in neurologic urology?


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    I have never seen a urologist or had urodynamics done. I take no medications aside from marijuana.

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    You need a urologist who you see at least annually. You need urodynamics now. Did you do your rehab at RIC? If so (or even if not) call them for a referral.


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    I did my inpatient stay and am still doing outpatient work at RIC.

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