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Thread: Cardio..Saratoga style!

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    I'm son uses the saratoga from his powerchair...we did have to have the frame cut and made wider and then welded but how or why would you need a headrest? judy

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    The headrest is for you to lean foreward toward the machine and let your forehead rest on it when you pedal. When you start to use it your neck muscles can tire and it helps your balance and to keep you going. If you use it frequently and gain strength you may not need it. They make it removeable I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky View Post
    Damn I want one of those. It probably helps with balance no?
    Me too. I don't have room to put it anywhere though.

  4. #14 Doug, guess I could have gone to the website myself and looked it up but posting here was faster...I can see where it would help, my son is up to 20 minutes and then the balance goes from being tired! again, thanks, judy

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    No problem. Twenty minutes is good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DougM View Post
    It helps with everything. It's a great workout. Well, when I use it often enough it is...

    I have the less expensive Colorado version of the Saratoga. It works great if you don't need some of the options offered on the Saratoga, such as the headrest.
    that's the one I want, if you ever want to sell it let me know.

    Dave I don't have room either but I'd make room!
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    I'm not looking to sell it, but if I ever do I'll let you know.

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