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Thread: Cardio..Saratoga style!

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    Cardio..Saratoga style!

    So i do 40-60mins every morning! My question is---is it true that you can improve the cardio your doing by say keeping the handles of the saratoga the same level as your heart or a above?

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    Dunno, sorry. But can you post pics of your set up?
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    Somebody must know!

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    My son just started with the saratoga last week...I'll ask his pt tomorrow for ya! judy

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    Awsome! Thank you

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    Shaun, Joels pt said level with the heart...and if you peddle with the legs, extend them...much luck to you! judy

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    Cool,thank you very much!

    Did she by chance give a reasoning?

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    Damn I want one of those. It probably helps with balance no?
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    It helps with everything. It's a great workout. Well, when I use it often enough it is...

    I have the less expensive Colorado version of the Saratoga. It works great if you don't need some of the options offered on the Saratoga, such as the headrest.

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