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Thread: What cushion do you use?

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    What cushion do you use?

    I have used a Jay Active for years, my current cushion sprung a leak in the gel tonight, so I am sitting on a ROHO a friend gave me; I haven't sat on a Roho in my chair in many years and even though it has only been a couple hours, I am wondering if I am not best served by the Jay Active.

    What I like about the Jay is the firmness of the cushion around the gel pad I sit on, but I deal with a lot of pain and wonder if a better cushion would help.

    I have spent some time on SportAid looking at their offerings and there are several that peak my interest, like the Veralite Evolution (and Meridian) Wave, the Invacare Infinity Air Flo Gentle (heavy!) and the Otto Bock Cloud.

    This made me wonder what other users were using and their experiences, fully understanding we are all different.

    I am starting to think this cushion issue tonight was a blessing in disguise.

    BTW, my injury level id C5-6 complete.


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    I have found roho to be one of my best friends but like you say, everyone is different. Try them all and use what works best for you. Good luck!
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    I use the Matrx ( and have had no skin problems at all. It's about time to get a new cushion and have been contemplating trying a new one. This is the only cushion I've had, other than when first demoing, so I'd like to know if there's anything better, but why switch up a good thing if there's been no skin or comfort problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pash8605 View Post
    ...but why switch up a good thing if there's been no skin or comfort problems?
    Because I am wondering if it is causing some pain issues in my body, or rather another cushion would give better relief to these issues.

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    I agree with pash that if you're not having problems, and if it's not the source of your pain, that you should stick with what works.
    That said, I used a Jay 2 for five or six years. It was a little heavy, non-porous and the gel ended up leaking out, but I never had skin breakdown or comfort issues, so I can't really complain.
    Now I'm using a Stimulite Classic, which I like a lot more - it's significantly lighter and extremely porous. It feels cooler. Took a little time to adjust to the softer materials (less stable base for transfers), but I like it a lot now. It's comfortable and I haven't had any skin issues.
    My new chair's going to have a Stimulite Contour cushion because i pressure mapped better on it. Weighs a little more, maybe between Stimulite Classic and Jay 2, but feels similar to the Classic with more support.

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    Using a Roho for year and half so far... no problems, like it. But haven't used any other cushion....
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    I use a Roho high profile since my SCI(next to 3 years), but i ordered a Stimulite to Sportaid,because the Roho it`s very hot in summer and people said me that Stimulite are cooler, it will arrive next week, I`ll tell you differences.

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    ROHO is the only way to go for me..and I have had several ab's with low back pain who said they felt so much relief when they sat on my demo roho is lighweight, easy to clean (throw in t he shower and give it a shampoo with me!), it breaths as the air flow moves between cells, and my behind loves my Roho! I use a mid profile--which isnt as common but just right for me

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    I've been really happy with Roho, also. I like the low and the contour models. I really like Stimulite, as an alternate. I've shy'd away from Stimulite, in the recent past, though once I corrected my seating posture, rather, once it was corrected for me by a seating OT who preferred the 'stick up the butt' posture to my slouch, they work really well for me, again. Thankfully. I don't like the Roho all the time. A solid cushion just feels better, IMO. The Stimulite runs cooler for me, also, which helps minimize sweating in the hot summer months.

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