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Thread: How much time of your day aware of your disability (rant)

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    I tried to grab something the other night, as in I completely forgot that my hands didn't work. It was weird when I realized what I was doing. You'd think I'd know myself better after 8 years.

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    this is me.
    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    Thats how it is for me too. I guess cuz I feel so normal I sometimes forget I use a chair to get from point A to B, I'm only reminded I'm effed-up when I really need to get something off the top shelf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
    I tried to grab something the other night, as in I completely forgot that my hands didn't work. It was weird when I realized what I was doing. You'd think I'd know myself better after 8 years.
    yup. I know the feeling. I recently attempted to flick a bug off a table. I lowered my hand to position, but then it dawned on me...

    but all at once.

    weird for sure.

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    too goddamn much

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    Eileen - I like your comment, " A lot more complicated life than lacing on a pair of Nike's and just doing it......."

    Keps - Well said...
    Main thing is peeing. Do I need to pee? I wonder if my bladder is getting full? When did I last pee? What have I drunk that might be coming out soon? Is that headache because I need to pee? Have I just peed myself? Have I got a cath close at hand? Ugh.

    Actually, I have been trying to think of activities when I forget about it. Really, it is anything that doesn't entail movement, like watching movies, viewing sunsets, reading, using the computer and cooking (at least as a para). The only problem is that the stuff I REALLY liked doing required movement. Walking, running, skiing, climbing, hiking, cycling, rowing.....Ughhh

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    I try hard to not think of myself as a paraplegic, but there are constant reminders:
    not being able to reach anything
    other peoples reactions
    and lately my chair has been squeaking making traveling through the office anything but inconspicuous

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    Arndog, sorry I missed this originally -- it's a subject that's never far from my mind.

    Although this piece was written about having a chronic illness, it translates well to living with a disability and dealing with chronic pain. It's been used by me and a lot of my friends with a Chiari Malformation or Syringomyelia to help ABs try to understand.

    The Spoon Theory (This is in PDF Format)
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    Everytime i see steps,or going cruising a half a block past my van..then a half back to my van cause the curb cuts at the end of the walk and not the middle!

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    when I'am with other kids and they are doing all the things I can't for now. I feel left out but I just try to do what I can and keep knowing one day I will run, and be able to climb the big rock.

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    Yes, I think about it often. On top of worrying about peeing, pooping and pain I also have type one diabetes so I'm constantly thinking what is my blood sugar, why is it high (it's always high), is my blood sugar going low, is it going high, do I need to change my pump site (I use an insulin pump), is there something wrong with my pump site, how many carbs are in that, did I bring extra insulin and supplies, etc, etc. My brain is pretty much always on overload.

    Whatever your condition or disability people say "it gets better" and it some ways it does. You learn to cope and become more knowledgeable about it...but the constant daily stuff you have to deal with day in and day out never gets easier.

    But then I've been in a rough patch for a while now. As far as SCI stuff goes I probably honestly don't spend that much time thinking about it, especially when I'm busy at work and stuff.

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