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Thread: Anyone heard of this new band yet?

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    Anyone heard of this new band yet?


    Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony "bass" formerly of Van Halen, Joe Satriani lead, Chad Smith Drums, "chili peppers" They may be old like me but they have really shown they can kick some major ASS!!!!!!!!!! take a look

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    JUST saw a commercial for them on TV. I'm not a big music buff, but I have liked Hagar since Montrose, so I'll check these guys out.


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    cool. I didnt like van hagar so much as van Halen. love chickenfoot.

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    Yeppers Heard Chickenfoot and pretty kool linup
    I like Satriani and He is a phenominal musician IMOP

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    I like Van Hagar better than Van Halen. There I said it. And Joe Satriani is a sick guitar player!

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