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Thread: Helping with grandfathers visit

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    Helping with grandfathers visit

    Hi I'm new here, and I'm trying to find out information for my 90 year old grandfather who has limited mobility. I live in San Jose and just moved into a 2 level house. My grandfather who lives in LA would like to come visit as this is my husband and my first house and we are finally kind of moved in. We have a wheelchair accessible ramp to our front door, but that's where the accessibility ends... My question is, how can I get my grandfather up to the second story? and also what can I do to make his visit more comfortable?

    I've scene several manual wheelchairs that have interesting stair solutions, but they seem to be self propelled which my grandfather wouldn't be able to handle.

    Thanks for your advice in advanced!


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    Hi Tiffany .. welcome to CC !

    If it's simply a matter of your grandfather not being able to negotiate stairs but is ambulatory and not too frail than a stair lift may be an option -
    I don't know what's available in your area but it's possible these can be rented if you don't want to purchase one.

    We are mostly geared toward spinal cord injury here at CC ... is your grandfather sci ? Having mobility issues and being sci are very different things!

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    If he can get into your bathroom a raised toilet seat might be helpful if he has difficulties with lower ones. You can get one cheaply at places like Wall-Mart or Walgreen's. If he can't get into your bathroom at all (and I am hoping you have one on the first floor!) a commode could take care of the problem as long as you or your husband are willing to empty it. Good luck.

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    There is no manual wheelchair that can climb stairs, and currently no power one either. There are devices which are expensive that you can attach to a chair and use (totally dependent) such as the Scalamobile, but for a short visit, the costs and time needed to learn how to use them safely would be prohibitive. These start in the range of $6,000. In addition, once he is up on the second floor, what would you do to evacuate him safely in the case of a fire or earthquake??

    There is no cheap and easy solution to getting a non-ambulatory person up to a second story. A stair lift such as described above by Obieone would be thousands of dollars to install. If he cannot sleep and use the bathroom on the first floor (commode chair if no bathroom, set up a bed in living room or den, etc.) then my suggestion would be to get him a wheelchair accessible hotel room and then just have him visit you during the day. One of you could stay at the hotel with him to help him with anything he needs there.

    If you are looking at him living with you for the long term, or visiting frequently, then installing a stair lift or elevator would be the best (but a very expensive) solution.


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