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Thread: Muir Woods - boardwalk trail through redwood forest!

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    Muir Woods - boardwalk trail through redwood forest!

    We recently spent a few days in San Francisco. Thanks to a link KLD posted, I sent for the Wheelchair Riders Guide to San Francisco Bay and the nearby coast. (It is a .pdf file, you can read it online, but at 122 pages, ask them to send you a copy, it took just a few days to arrive)

    After reading the part about Muir Woods:
    [snip] ..... Muir Woods National Monument.A wonderful,
    wide, 1.5-mile wooden boardwalk
    and paved loop trail take you through an
    awe-inspiring old-growth coastal redwood
    forest. All facilities, including the visitor
    center, café, and gift shop, are accessible.
    I decided to check it out. It was a great walk (er, roll) Nice to be in the woods for a change. And for an easterner like me, the redwoods were fascinating. I have a manual chair, and had little difficulty on the trails. A good portion of the trail is boardwalk. Some is hard packed earth. We spent a few hours there.
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    Nice pic Jean. Can you post any more?

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