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Thread: 3 years today...

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    3 years today...

    Yep,another year cripply today.Around 8:30 pm three years ago I realized I was in trouble.When do I get my medal?

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    Hugs to you. I think the chair has lots of metal - heheh

    i know, not the same thing
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    You get the great friend one from me!
    Be yourself!!!
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    worth reading

    for you and all of us.

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    You deserve a medal. We all do really. The picture of your car is very frightening. I am sort of glad there is no recorded image of my fateful dive. Sending you a hug of support and friendship.

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    Always a strange day Wait some more years and you forget the date.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Sorry to see the picture,
    take the time to reflect everything you have accomplished since then, but please don't dwell in the reflection, get going on what you're going to accomplish the next three years
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    Shannon, that picture is crazy . Be good to yourself today!!! Thinking of you!!!!

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    Thanks glittergirl.I guess that kind of "medal" is better than none for sure!

    Geno,back @ you.Making friends through SCI has been an "added bonus".

    Eileen,yes we all deserve medals.I guess the scar will have to do

    Mckeomp,very true and I need to give the fear up.Very appropriate.

    WFE,you really forget the date?It is a strange day,especially when I drove past where it happened today.I rolled over and knocked down a small tree that night and for the longest time it looked as if it were dead.It recently started growing and is now bigger than the others.I take that as a sign to grow myself.

    Bruce,last year I looked @ it as the anniversary that my life ended.I sat and thought about it the other night and from now on it will be the anny that a very special person came into my life b/c of SCI.I am counting my blessings today that I'm not as bad off as I was by the time I got tothe hospital and the following weeks.I was granted some recovery,I'll take that happily.I WILL conquer the next three years more gracefully,SOMEHOW.

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    Thank you too Becky.Yea,I have more visible pictures somewhere but can't find them.It is weird to look @ knowing I was all smashed in the back of that two-seater,ugh.That and the memory of reaching for my phone and not being able to is still so vivid.<chills>
    I am doing something special this evening,dinner and drinks w/ two special people,well three if you count the margarita.

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