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Thread: I had started to wonder if I could ever work on cars again..

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    Nice work! Low to the ground and no fenders goes a long way, eh?

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    I made some progress putting it back together. My father stopped over and I asked him to do the final toque on the head bolts. My back was getting pretty bad. The top left attachment point on the rods has always given me trouble.

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    Smile Great job!

    I was an Automotive Engineer early in my career. When I first had my accident (1/24/79 - T6-7), as soon as I got out of rehab, I decided I needed a project.

    I torched the nose off of a '73 Vega, and put in a 400 small block with a turbo 350 auto. It took two months, along with on and off help of a friend, but it worked out just fine.

    Here's a tip. With the hood off, and the rear raised to the sky (I had a rear axle lift that could go about five feet), the nose on most cars can go low enough for pretty good access.

    My last project was in 2003. I bought a Honda Element (suicide doors make pulling a chair in and out a piece of cake). The 4WD was great, but it was a little difficult for me to make the transfer (OK, I'm old, and fat!). I designed an air suspension conversion that dropped the whole vehicle about 5 inches, and convinced a local shop that they could do it. This makes for an easy transfer. Just hit the button, and it comes back to road height in about 9 seconds.

    I have 112k on the car now, and am looking to do a driver's rear suicide door on a Ford Fusion Hybrid. The same shop is willing to give it a go.

    Cools stuff!

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    I finished up and it's working well. So far for the quarter mile it's done a best of 12.9 at 106 MPH but it was super hot here and the track prep wasn't good. So there's more in it yet!


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