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    Permobil C500

    I have been working on getting a new chair for the past year. It's been a very frustrating experience but I think I am going to go ahead with a Permobil C500 with the Corpus seating system. I got the chance to demo one recently and liked it. Except for some size concerns as length is going to be a problem for me in terms of elevators, etc with a vent tray on the back. And I am not sure about the switch from mid wheel drive which I am used to now on an Invacare piece of crap to a front wheel drive. But overall I was impressed. I am wondering if anybody here uses one and if you have any thoughts on this chair. Particularly using it in snow and off of side walks or paved pathways. I want to be able to explore hiking trails but wasn't able to really see how this chair would handle them.

    Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any feedback. I am about 90% sure at this point this is the chair I will order but still waivering some.

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    I have a Permobil Chairman which I think is like the C500, just an older model. I've had it for about 8 years with no problems. Just some repairs from wear n tear or batteries going bad. I've driven it in a few inches of snow too and it works pretty well. I don't do a lot of off paved path driving. I drive around my back yard sometimes and it works well there. I've found that sometimes if I'm going up something a little steep or slippery, I get better traction if I go backwards.

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    Thanks wheelman for your feedback

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    I also have a Chairman c2k. I've taken it to many of my kids soccer games up and down hills, thru mud, etc. THe chair hasn't been an issue. Worn tires with no traction and the EZ lock bolt digging up everything I drive over have been. The Permolock system has a retractable bolt, which would be a real help off road. But it's not cheap.,

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