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Thread: need to purchase bed and chair for my brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy D. View Post
    I cannot really add any thing here but I do have a question and I supose a rewcomendation. Take some of that money you have saved and bring your brother to the US. He'll get better treatment for his wounds over here. Have you pondered that option?

    The Media
    Senator John Mcain
    Rhode Island Congressman James Langevin
    The Paralyzed Vetrans of America
    all resources I would try to get him'll need your house.

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    find this mattress

    ok, I found the same matresses with huge diffrent in prices and not sure why is that:

    and what is the best for him?

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    if you want to buy something that uses mains electricity, you may be better off buying something from the uk, as it will already be 220volts. if you buy something that works on 110volts, you will need a stepdown transformer - i have used these before, and they may not be suitable for overnight use - they are very heavy, often large and expensive, and they get loud and very hot when used for any length of time.

    i have bought things from before, and also but you should also check on, with a uk-specific search. if you really want the invacare mattress, look at, and they will refer you to a retailer. it may also be cheaper and/or faster to ship from europe.

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    Your best bet for getting him here is to get your Congressperson to sponsor a special bill to give him admission to the USA for medical care. Have you looked into this?

    Be sure that when you look at low air loss mattresses that you are getting just the mattress, motor and cover. This replaces the regular mattress on his own bed. Does he have a hospital bed with side rails now? Side rails are advised if he uses a LAL mattress as he can fall out of bed very easily with these mattresses without them. A hospital bed frame would be very expensive to ship as they don't break down very small. Most LAL mattresses will break down into a box approximately 36" by 24" by 24", but weight will vary by the specific product (the motors can be quite different). Anything you find less than $1000 used is probably in very poor condition, or not the type of product you really need.

    I agree that you would probably do better to get a product from Europe that will handle the electrical demands vs. trying to convert something from the USA. I didn't see anything appropriate on the Invacare UK page though. This one looks like a possibility:

    as does this one:


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    Hello guys,
    the mattress was great, my brother liked it alot. I purchased MircoAir MA 51. now I need to purchase the cover of the mattress, but I don't know where to get it from. I will be greateful for any help.

    in another note, I still strgulling in purchase wheelchair. he need it so bad, but I am lost when it come to brand, features and options and measurement of the chair. all what I need standard folding chair that design for SCI withlower limb paralyzed. put in mind that Iraq don't have good side walk and building not design for handicap so need shacks to obserbe the road roughness and fat tires to make the ride smooth. It is better if the chair came unassambled inside box for easy shipmement as well.

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    I can spend $2000 for the wheelchair and willing to purchase used as well

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    You might try an all-terrain wheelchair like this then:

    I would also recommend checking out some of the organizations that have donated reconditioned chairs, although a lot of these will have devoted most of their recent donations to Haiti. Here are a few:

    I would try to find something used though if you have to purchase. Check out eBay, our Equipment and Services forum, and also

    To get a new cover for the mattress, you will need to contact either a vendor for Invacare mattresses (like this one: PHC or Invacare directly.

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    Check out eBay, our Equipment and Services forum?? how to check that and who is "our"?

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    This wheelchair is good
    but no armrest and short back rest. can this be cusmized. I like the fat tires if you have another model with same tires I would like to see.


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    Hi Salasadi,

    You may want to contact this organization, Whirlwind Wheelchair. They make wheelchairs designed for third world conditions. The founder is a para and these chairs are heavy duty and are more easily repaired with parts found in developing countries. As an example they use regular bicycle tires which can be easily found in most countries. The chairs sell for less than $1000

    Here's a link for a story on the org. that the PBS Newshour showed.

    Is he in need of a wheelchair cushion? I have a ROHO Enhancer I have only use a few times. It didn't work for me and has been sitting in the closet. I would be willing to give it to you for the cost of shipping. If it doesn't work out for him perhaps he may know someone it may work for.

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