Hello all,
I joined this form in 2007 after my brother who lived in Iraq was shot and paralyzed. I finally managed to go see him. I think we have long way to go in term of care and treatment. but I have few concerns that need your help.
first, I was shocked to see how bad the pressure sores in his lower body. Although the bad one is already cured but left deep holes that deformed his skin. there is few still open and large. the worst one is in his right side of his lower butt. he have 1 inch think mattress that is very firm due to the steel surface of the bed and above that 1 inch air mattress (cheap one). the air mattress have pump that do pressure management, but nothing fancy or good like what I have seen on Google.
second, he have old and cheap wheelchair that use for transfer a person who break a leg or feel dizzy. the wheelchair have no shacks to reduce the rough roads. The seat is very hard. the seat has toilette bowl in the middle of it, which he is very happy with because he never train how to control or time his poop or urines.
I have about $6000.00 budget to purchase mattress and wheelchair and ship it to him from the U.S. I would like to get something decent and reliable for him to help in heal his pressure sores.
my brother live in the south of Iraq, which is very hot and humid