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Thread: Cervical 1 and 2 Posterior Decompression

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    Since after i went back for schooling,i did not do any exercise from March 2009 till now,i am taking baclofen 1day 3times.Sometimes,when i lay down on my bed from my head to my pillow,i feel a bit of giddy and also i feel like my blood is going up to my brain and also feeling like going to faint,and i quickly wake up and back to my sitting position,then the problem immediately gone.Can Sir tell me why this problem happen?The sound when i lay down on my bed is very irritating for me to sleep,something like drilling sound,this sound can only be heard if my house went silent.I think the bumpy problem is probally causes of my sensitive relflexes.I am having massive sweating if i feel hot.
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    One more thing is,last time when i was in ICU i had a trachetomy surgery because i could not breath properly and i also having pneumonia that time.Will the suction of my phlegm trigger the problem and cause the problem become worst?I was struggling when the suction procedure is going on but then after the second time suction,the clonus on my legs appear,after continuing the suction for weeks,my whole body,including my head started to have the clonus.I afraid that this suction procedure will cause me to become worst,eventhough my thraceotomy hole was closed up.

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    If i am taking stem cells means a innocent baby is gonna killed?

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    Stem cells come from various sources. Embryonic stem cells (ESC) do come from embryos (not babies), often from frozen embryos that have been producted and not used for couples who are doing in vitro or other forms of ART. If they are not used for production of ESC, they are usually incinerated if the couple does not want to save them for future pregnancies. Stem cells can also be obtained from cord blood, and from other sources in adults, although these cells are not as likely to develop into robust tissues.

    Regardless, there are no good interventions for the use of stem cells for a cure in SCI yet. I would suggest that you look on the Cure forum for more information.


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    Sitting down for a long period causing me to have neck pain and stiffness.Is this normal?Can I pursue my study?Will it affect my current situation if i continue sitting and bending?I had just finished my secondary school and now i was deciding what to choose for my tertiary studies that is suitable for me.I afraid that if i am going for further studies my condition will lead back to an unexpected situation.

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    Does botox kill me if i m taking it for a long term?I been seek for the side effects and i found out something saying botox can kill a person when using it for spinal problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeWei View Post
    Does botox kill me if i m taking it for a long term?I been seek for the side effects and i found out something saying botox can kill a person when using it for spinal problem.
    Botox is not a medication you "take". It is injected by a physician, in very small amounts, into select muscles. It may need to repeated as often as every 6 months. If used by a competent and skilled physician, per approved guidelines, the risks are relatively low, but there is a recommended maximum lifetime amount of this drug that is recommended (based on body weight).


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    After a long period, I m back here again.

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