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Thread: Accessible Suburban Project

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    Very nice work, LC! I'm glad you haven't let the added difficulties paralysis brings to the garage rob you of the joy of doing what you love.

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoRacer598 View Post
    Just have a adjustable panhard bar made. Had one made for my truck. Get rid of those stock wheels and get some 22's!!
    22's are for wimps

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    LOL!!! that would be a fun transfer!

    I don't understand that whole 4x4 look. I asked a few of my customers why they do that. cause its cool man
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    Running a Watts Link would be best since it allows no lateral movement of the rearend when the suspension compresses but I don't have $500 at the moment.


    So, I'll go the cheap route and I'll try to lengthen the factory bar since the cost is free (besides welding gas and wire). If that doesn't work I'll purchase a "build your own" panhard bar kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    Very nice work, LC! I'm glad you haven't let the added difficulties paralysis brings to the garage rob you of the joy of doing what you love.

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    I have never ran a Watts link. I usually 4-link everything.
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    To center the rearend the panhard bar needed lengthened 1/4".

    Cut the bar

    Lengthened 1/4" and tac welded for fitment. Installed the bar and raised the rearend to ride height and measured. The rearend was centered within a 1/32 so pulled the bar back out and started making the plates to weld over the 1/4 gap.

    Bending the front plate

    Making a pattern for the back plate

    Transferring the pattern to 3/16" flat stock

    Pictures didn't turn out but they show the plates welding to the bar

    Front plate

    Back plate
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    Also started making the mounts for the air tanks, compressors, and valves. The plan is to install the air management system between the frame rails where the spare tire was.

    Showing the panhard bar and one of the mounts clamped for fitting

    Starting to look like something

    Tac'd together for fitting. Everything checked out so tomorrow I'll remove the tanks and finish welding
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    2 tanks. you'll never run short on air. What compresors and valves?
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    Running 2 Viair 400's and Big Red valve's from Air Ride Technologies.

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