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Thread: They removed 4 bones in my neck.

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    They removed 4 bones in my neck.

    It was tough news - the Doctor told me he had to remove 4 bones from my spinal column. It was too congested in there to put them back in after the tumor had been attempted to be removed. He got 40% of the tumor - had to leave the rest in as it was too embedded. I came out of the operation alive. But lost my ability to walk as my left leg would not "unlock" it was in constant spasm and has been since the operation 8 years ago.

    Some regain occurred with PT, and a few other things but it was crus=#@!hing to me. I was able to run prior to the op now walking it a task.

    I've been an active athlete all my life. I was the school rugby captain and held the 5 mile record. Continued playing amateur soccer after school and always was fit and loved to run. Well that's over. Need more things in life to interest me now that my son has grown up and gotten married.

    There is always sports on TV. But that empty feeling is there.

    Wanna be a friend?

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    Friend like post on the board with all of us.

    Glad you found CC. Sorry for your accident. God bless you!

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    the hardest part of an SCI to me is finding myself, I was pretty active sports martial arts military.

    All that I am is all gone

    My spiritual counselor said be co-active as God / the universe / help you determine your new self. To be self determinate my not be psooible as you are a new being and need to find your new self.

    Peace friend.


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