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    On 3/19/09 I gave birth to my son, and was left paralyzed. The next day doctors found a tumor in in my spine and did a laminectomy to remove it. I am interested in talkng with people who have had similar injuries. It seems most people had some sort of accident, but I am wondering if there is anyone on here who had a tumor that caused their paralysis?? I am learning how to live in a wheelchair and with a newborn all at once, and it can be quite overwhelming.


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    I have had two children since my accident..though I had 8 years to adjust before my first child was born at 26. I wish you great joy and the birth of your new baby..I hope you will contact me if you ever need any advise. (I posted my "babies" in my album tonight..they are 18 and 16 now.

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    Welcome to our forums. We do have a few people who had their spinal cord damage from tumors, infections or infarctions. You can check out some posts on the Non-Traumatic SCI forum. Also, check out our Family forum for stories about raising children in a chair. There are some great resources posted there, and good people who can provide you with information and support.

    Here are a few resources to check out now:

    Where did you do your rehab?

    Please complete your profile. It makes it much easier to help you with questions.


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    Thank you for the resources. I went to rehab at UW Medical Center in Seattle - the team there was fantastic.

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    I had an intermedullary tumor in my chord from C3-C7. I do walk but was not able to at first. It took me almost 6 months to get it right but of course I do have some neuro problems because when they remove the tumors they tend to go inside the chord on the Sensory side. However, everyone is different in there recoveries. There is an organization and a group of folks like us that chat back and forth on You will find a wealth of information and support there as well. Even though it is not traumatic injury it is more of a controlled injury done by a neurosurgeon but alot of the symptoms and recovery are the same. I have recovered alot in the past two years but I still think some days I will get more but albeit slower.

    Dont give up hope as you are new to this world and you have two years to three years of recovery. It takes that long and is slow and sometimes painful. Keep your chin up and most importantly you have a new baby that needs you.

    BTW- on the day of my surgery my wife went into labor and had my son. It was not planned it just happened so I know the feeling of despair and uncertainity and I am here to tell you it will get better!


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    Thank you for the website, TMAZ, and the encouragement. I might be contacting you as time goes on with more questions!

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