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Thread: Lifts on vans

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    Didn't VMI Buy out Ricon a number of years ago. I know Ricon used to be the best then went downhill. I think they have improved greatly since VMI bought them out.

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    Recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Sienna, Braun ramp van. My dealer emphasized that we bring the van in for routine check up and necessary maintenance every six months. Seems reasonable in that I cannot transfer to our other vehicle and rely totally on the van.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vike View Post
    It's a limit switch on the platform that senses whether there is still a load on it. It has been a pain from day one...vibration will throw it out of whack. It won't stow but will go from ground up fine and will fold once stowed manually. I could fix the damn thing myself if I could get to it.
    ask your lift dealer or someone good with electronics if you can just wire around the switch.

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    Braun... no brains. Worst ever in my experience.

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    Braun lifts

    I have had four vans since my injury. I still own three of the four. My first Volkswagen Vanagon 1991, Torando Red, was fitted with a Braun Swing-Away lift which I had many problems. I telephone Braun and spoke to the service manager there and explain my situation. At that point in time Braun had just brought out there new line of lifts. He called me back and told me that Braun will replace the lift free of charge. I just have to take it back to MC Mobility in Mentor, Ohio to get it replaced. My lift was removed from my Vanagon and a brand new put in of the newer model. I had several problems over the years with it but it was just general maintenance issues. I got 175,000 miles out this van and I retired it.

    I purchased a used 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon, Arctic White with a Braun Swing-Away with the older model in it with only 21,000 miles on it. I had no problem with it. Unfortunately a young girl talking a cell phone hit me head on and totaled my van. I suffered no injuries from that accident. The insurance money I got from the white van I purchased a 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan fitted with a Braun Swing-Away lift. To this day I have had one problem with it and Braun covered the repair.

    The black cable cracked breaking some of the wires and the lift would not operate. I was 28 days out of warranty. I telephoned Braun about it and they replaced the switch box and cable free of charge. I just had to take it back to MC Mobility for them to do the service work.

    Several years later I was given an extraordinary deal on a new 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan that I couldn't refuse the sale price and I bought it. I had it fitted with a Braun Swing-Away. To this day I have had zero problems with it.

    You do have to do little maintenance on them like a little spray of silicon on the platform and chain and keep it clean to operate properly. If you have severe problems with your lift contact Braun Corporation and talk to the service manager.

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    Sure, the swing-away is a great lift, and I've never heard anyone utter a complaint about them, but Braun doesn't make them anymore. Too good, I guess.

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    I've had a Braun Millenium lift on my Ford van for 4 years now and had no problems at all. Although the newer version here; is somewhat different looking than mine, it appears to be quite similar in many ways. However, this newer version looks more commercial with the powder coated yellow parts, weird looking handrails and a handheld control box. Mine is all black and has the up and down switch on the handrail. It's been reliable, quiet and I'm happy with it.

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    The more moving parts the more problems. I had a Target lift for 22 years and never got stranded. Very simple design. My heavy WC forced me to sell my 84 Econoline last year. I got a newer van and got the Braun Millenium lift. It was a disaster at first. Luckly it was a slow oil leak and it happened in the driveway. The installers of the lift where idiots. They fixed the problem only to make things worse. They over tighten this hydraulic pump plate and the oil gushed out everywhere, again I was lucky to have it happen in the driveway. So Braun had another dealer pick the van up (they where 60 miles away) and fixed everything. Braun left out two small rubber pieces and it made the lift work eratically. (safety senors) Anyway the people who fixed the lift had 3 ppl with over 25 years experience so the lift works perfectly now. These saftey sensors can be a real pain, can someone bypass them. I would suggest if you do get a new lift, get the Braun Century. Like I said before. The less moving parts the better off you are.
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    Ricon Clearway

    i have a The patented Clearway™ wheelchair lift from Ricon The patented Clearway™ wheelchair lift from Ricon The patented Clearway™ wheelchair lift from Ricon.
    I like it but it has had problems. The safety lip is constantly getting stuck. When It raise up from the ground then the safety lip gets stuck and I have to moved around in my chair to get it to close just so it will raise me up.
    I have oiled the crap out of it. Any ideas appreciated.

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    tvot, I just checked out the Braun Century lift and that is close to what I have.
    This is what I have though; It's a good piece of equipment. By the way, I also had a Target lift for about 20 years. As it aged, it ended up needing too much TLC but it was a good lift for many years.

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