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Thread: hi, im new here. catheter problem.

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    hi, im new here. catheter problem.

    hi im new to this site. i was wondering if any1 has any advice.
    i have a supra pubic catheter inserted from my bladder.
    while cleaning the last 3 days i noticed the guaze that i replaced every day had some what i think was puss on it then i cleaned it just now and there was blood comming from the opening, not pouring but staining the wipes i was using to clean. any help would be great thank you

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    How long have you had the SP catheter?

    What are you cleaning with?

    Are you being a bit rough when cleaning?

    Have you called your urologist?


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    i have had it from 11th may.
    using baby wipes to clean then cutting a line trough a guaze and applying a bit of savlon cream.
    not being rough with it.
    havent called euroligest yet.
    is it normal to have a bit of discherg from stoma.

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    Since your stoma is less than a month old, it is common to have quite a bit of discharge and even some bleeding at this point. If the skin area around the stoma is hot, swollen or red, you could have a local infection. Be more gentle, and avoid scrubbing with the gauze. Call your urologist this week to let them know. Generally the urologist will want to do your first catheter change at about 4-6 weeks.


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    thank you very much for your quick reply.
    im from ireland and there isnt many irish sites with much info.
    thank you

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    Welcome to CC Warren!

    I've had a sp cath 19 yrs. At first it will bleed and have a discharge.
    It shouldn't smell foul. It's just getting over the surgery.
    Do be very careful. I tape mine on my stomach when transferring so not to pull on it.
    Even turning requires moving it so it won't get pulled.
    Treat it like a baby for a little while.
    Good luck, post often.

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