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Thread: Putting the focus on spinal injury

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    Putting the focus on spinal injury

    Putting the focus on spinal injury Namita Handa / DNA
    Spinal cord injury is something that doesn't concern most of us or we don't consider it serious enough as compared to a heart-related problem.

    This is where we all go wrong by not taking spinal cord injury seriously. This was one of the main reasons why the Nina Foundation was established. The objective of the non-governmental organisation is to make people aware of the significance of a spinal cord injury.

    The permanent disability can transform an individual’s life, since it affects critical functions like the limbs as well as the bladder, bowel and other organs, say the volunteers of the organisation.

    The creator of the foundation is Ketna Mehta who herself suffers from a spinal cord injury since 1995 due to a paragliding accident. During this unfortunate phase of her life, she was cared for by her sister Nina Doshi, in whose name the foundation has been named.

    She was the inspiration for Ketna during her rehabilitation. The foundation has carried out a host of activities like awareness seminars that are headed by renowned doctors and medical professionals to inform people about this deadly injury.

    The organisation also conducts outdoor activities like picnics and outings to entertain and divert the mind of individuals suffering from the affliction.

    The Nina Foundation is planning to commemorate June 25, as a spinal injury awareness day, which will be the first of its kind initiative. Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia have been roped in as the cause ambassadors of Nina Foundation.
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