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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    Im attending Project Walk in Cali... I believe I saw your buddy demonstrate how it works. Awesome.
    share your experience at project walk, i'd like to know more about it. i tried sci-step, just wondering different they are? the motion based therapy sure helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jschism View Post
    share your experience at project walk, i'd like to know more about it. i tried sci-step, just wondering different they are? the motion based therapy sure helps.
    I heard that sci-step is very similar to PW because it has trainers that quit from PW.
    Dont wanna hijack this thread but I like PW, its totally different then any other PT I had. Its very expensive, at $100/hr. I wish I hadn't fukked up my shoulders weight lifting pre-SCI maybe I could do much more upper body.
    But after a month and a week I see that my core is stronger, I have more spasms - dont know why - maybe because they triggered my nervous system. My upper body is a bit stronger.
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    Hey Pat,
    Did you ever complete the production on the units you had mentioned earlier in this thread? Do you have any available for sale? I am having a rough time with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my wrists. I need to not be pushing my chair all the time.
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    Thanks for the bump Mac

    I did complete 3 additional units. One was sold to a member here. One I'm keeping as a backup. Another member here is trying to get funding for the last one that I have. I just put in a call to him and if I don't hear back by tomorrow I'll make it available.

    Here are a few pics:

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    how much is one of these bad boys, I heard that you will make these for less then the emotions sell for.
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    For lack of a better name, I'm calling it the ZX1. I'm pricing it at $5000.00 for now. Once I find out how much it will cost to have the frames made in quantity that price may go up or down.

    I believe emotions are around $7,500.00.

    My main focus right now is finding the right investor(s) and/or partner(s) to bring it to market. I just don't have the funds or time at this time to do it properly myself. If anyone is seriously interested in one, I could probably be persuaded to make more.

    I've been told that VA and private insurance will pay for these. I just have to put together an order form.

    Again I use this everyday when I go out. I'm manual in the house. I've been using it exclusively for almost two years without any problems. It has good range, I've never run out of power in one day. It's small, light, fast, plenty of torque and extremeley manueverable. It has changed my life. I'll never get in a big bulky overbuilt powerchair again. And the option to go manual at anytime, anyplace, independantly is unprecedented and priceless.

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    hey pat, i love this concept. i use a quickie w/emotion rims now. can this be modified to other chairs? i really want to stay w/ something light weight?

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    you can get emotions for $5,280.00 from
    but your product seems way better
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    I've only tested it on TiLite chairs, specifically the ZR, TR, and AeroZ.
    It should fit on any other rigid framed manual chairs that use a 1 1/4" camber tube. Tell me which chair you are considering and I will look into it.

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