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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    just learn from Damaco. this is a tricky thing. i had a Damaco chair, loved it, until i moved out of so cal and into weather probs. keep us updated, please. my damaco was great in good weather and was not great off roading. have stuck to quickie p222, which is great. can also be manual. best of luck!
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    Would love it if it could be used on both rigid and foldable wheelchairs.

    If you need volunteers to test drive/demo your device than I am in!

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    love the concept and idea!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattherat View Post
    I could build you one but it would be fairly expensive. I have to fabricate each part and there's a lot of labor involved(no jigs no computer aided laser cutter, etc..). So there's a lot of time measuring, cutting, drilling, grinding, setup, welding, ordering parts and driving to and from the powder coater's for example. It would probably take a few thousand to get me and another guy to build one off customs. I'd also be buying the parts needed at retail cost at first. So I'm looking for a manufacturer who's willing or able to make the parts cheaper and buy others at bulk wholesale.
    Here's an approximate parts list:
    motor's 1000
    controller 500
    batteries 150
    frogleg forks 300
    casters 150
    steel 100
    arm rests 150
    air shock 300
    actuators 200
    powdercoating 100
    total parts: 2950
    labor and consumables 2000
    So It would take around $5000.00 to get me to consider building one.
    The purpose of posting it on here is to show an alternative to the products on the market and see if there is a market for it and maybe attract investors and or manufacturers. That's what I'm doing now and hopefully it'll be available soon and be covered by insurance and VA.
    But if you've got money to burn feel free to call me and twist my arm.

    i think you need to go to the shark tank show on tv this is awsome

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    zinger available q2 2010

    It looks like Invacare plans to bring the zinger to market in the second quarter of 2010.
    having just tried the quickie extender and the e-motion m15 this week without really much luck with either (due to weak shoulders and a right hand that has trouble opening with much succession) I can confidently say there should be a market for both pattherat's product and the zinger. I currently foot propel a rental manual folding chair, and am really trying to avoid a full on power chair. I am trying to decide on a definitive chair now but with Invacare owning the rights to the zinger I worry that it may only (initially?) be available for use with the Invacare/top end chairs.
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    looks great, I actually found it after being sent a utube link to a simular device called the zinger. Looks like you are being more proactive about making the dream a reality. Good look with the paperwork and making it happen.
    I own an aggressive therapy clinic that worksout with SCI clients and alot of my paraplegic clients in manual chairs have a problem with off road/semi off road issues. A chair like this could really help them. When you get the patent and start selling them let me know. I have several clients that would be thrilled to buy one.
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    I also want to say that I find the product simply brilliant. The best one for my current needs, for instance: I can use it to go to the school (which is up on a hill), then quickly (and that is the best part: very very quickly) take it off and secure it somewhere, and then go on with the manual wheelchair inside the building. (the charge will really last that way. I have been using e-motion for a couple of years, but when used inside a place, they ended up more quickly)

    Look forward to seeing it available...
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    That is definitely very cool. It would be something I would definitely be into. I am a T6 para, but have been having recurring shoulder and elbow issues, including AC joint orthoscopy so this is perfect. As someone mentioned before, by how easily it attaches and unattaches, I could use it when needed and then snap right off when I don't. I am in the process of getting the e-motions through insurance after weiging all the pros and cons, but this product is more what I would want. I would also wonder if it would be better with a larger caster on the unit itself that may also be pneumatic so that it will work better off road. I bet a lot of people, myself included, would want this to work in grass, gravel etc extremely well as that is where we often need a boost. It would also be interesting to look into if there could be different gearing ratio selection, maybe like a high and low power, possibly gearing the low to work more aggressively off road. Kind of like a 4x4 works in high vs low range. Not sure if that would be possible but it would be good. I would likely buy one even out of pocket if I knew it was reliable. Plus for van drivers the weight doesn't even matter. Great product!
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    You sir, are a Genius!

    I prefer Pat's joystick approach over the Zinger push pull levers. Most of us quads "hook" when bombing around.

    I would second the suggestions of others to make the joystick as small as possible and lighten the powerpack. Awesome job!

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    Thanks for all the positive comments. After talking with reps from some of the majors wheelchair manufacturers, although really enthusiastic at first, none followed through. Maybe I wasn't talking to the right people. Well I kind of got burnt out trying to pitch my invention and focused on improving the design. Below are a few pics of the second prototype. Some improvements are a smaller joystick and cable with built in actuator controls to secure and release the manual chair using the joystick, a simpler and cleaner looking means of attaching to the chair, and adustable armrest mounts to fit a variety of wheelchair widths. I've also been busy building beach chairs and haven't put any effort recently on bring it to market but it's on my mind and I'm sure it will happen soon if I can find the right partner or investor. It's really a great thing and I use it almost everday, I'm done with big bulky powerchairs. As far as off-road, it does really well on grass and I think it would go most anywhere with the other Pat's Freewheel snapped on the front.

    Still need a name for it...suggestions?

    With my new ZR:

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