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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    how long are your batteries lasting, i replaced mine after about 10 months of heavy use the old ones would go dead fast

    the new batteries do they need a learning period to build up a long charge they just don't seen to last as long as when i first got the zx1 with the original batteries

    also i replaced with the exact same batteries mk es12-12 i believe

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    They say you should condition the batteries at least 4 times until they reach their full potential. You do this by running them down about 50% of capacity and recharging fully. I leave them on the charger overnight. You may have gotten some bad batteries. To get the longest life you shouldn't deplete more than 50% and never fully deplete them. Never store them for any length of time after use unless fully charged and check them every few weeks. Ten months sounds about right for these batteries before you start noticing a real loss of range.
    I just started using a higher capacity battery, Powersonic 12140. It's a 14ah battery compared to the 12ah ES12-12s. So far they seem really good but I haven't had them long enough to compare. The cheapest price I've found online is 31.50 ea on Amazon.
    There's also a UB12150 15ah battery from Universal Battery that is the same physical size.

    I am working on getting the current ZX1 owners the anti-tip mechanisms. They solve the problem of the arms dipping down when going down an incline and stopping abruptly and also when backing up an incline.

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    Glad to hear about the anti tippers Pat. I have avoided using my ZX for my van because on an incline, it was too scary the way the armrests went down. Are you just going to mail them to us or what do we do to get them. Thanks.

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    I'll send them out to you. They bolt right on to the armrest brackets.

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    Wow. I need this thing in my life. I'm an active college student with a C6 injury and I live in a very hilly area. I hate the idea of using an electric chair because I don't want to use a van and am always getting carried up stair or curbs. I emailed the spinergy company back in the fall and they said it would be available in november. It's now march. It's so frustrating knowing the potential independence this device could offer me yet I am not able to buy it from anyone...

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    I trust you called or wrote Spinergy and got put on the list Ben. I'm sure someone here has the name of the guy to contact at Spinergy.

    It is a great innovation and will be worth the wait. The ZX will not carry you up tall curbs or stairs lol. It would be difficult to put it in a car unless you are strong Ben. I think it weighs 75lbs plus the chair.

    Thanks, Pat, looking forward to the tippers. Will be interesting to see the difference. I'm sure I'll use the ZX more knowing the armrests aren't going to do the double dip down the ramp.

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    Ha oh I know it wont be taking me upstairs but the option of being able to detach from my chair and stay outside while I'm inside is a great plus. That was one thing about the emotions that I hated, if I forgot to adjust the power setting it was like being attached to a frightened skid loader and no wall or big toe was safe.

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    Pat keep me informed about the batteries my new ones are getting broken in now and starting to keep a decent charge but in 10 months when i need new ones more amp means it would last longer right.

    Also keep me informed about the tippers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattherat View Post
    About 75lbs, batteries are es12-12(12v 12ah)

    65 views and just 2 comments...i guess you need to see a video...very amateur video but you can get the jist of it:

    I hope I didn't scare ppl from commenting with the last sentence of my original post. I'd appreciate all comments good and bad, questions and suggestions.
    Hi Pat,
    I wasn't able to view the video. Best of luck on getting a patent on it. Hope you sell a lot of them. I wish my Fellow Veteran the best of luck with your invention.

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    It is that good Ben. Nothing like the ZX for ease and convenienceof having a pc and manual all in one. Make sure you get on the list if possible, these things ar going to sell out quickly once it's known what they do.

    I'm sure it'll put a big dent in the PC sales. Rightfully so, teh manufacturers never took quality control or convenience of the user in mind.

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