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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grange View Post
    You r ZX1 is a much better design anyway!!!
    I was talking with some people from Invacare about doing something with my design about a year and a half ago. It looked promising at first and went up a few links of the chain of command. We had a few conference calls but then nothing came of it.

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    how will the zx1 perform in snow?
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    I just found this thread now and I would be very interested in buying one of these as well. Very nice design and done very well nice job pat. When the American dollar hits 0.10 cents to the Canadian dollar in 2012 when most of the debt is due it would be a lot more affordable! Hopefully you can find a partner to mass produce it and like the guy said earlier in the post take it to Shark Tank or the Canadian version that is on every week as Dragon's Den. I really think they would be interested in it and all would bid against each other to own a piece of this. You should seriously look into this might be the perfect option for you. Anyway when it goes into production let me know as I would probably buy one hopefully you can get that price down with mass production.
    Good job,


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    Pat i'm sending you a e-mail

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    i want one i'm ready to pay let me know

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    Hey everybody that is REALLY SERIOUS about wanting to order one of these..... we need to get together and see how many folks will really commit to buying one and then get with PAT about $ and delivery time!!!!

    WHO IS SERIOUS??????
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    just beautiful! You would have a lot of interest in europe as well! I really hope a big manufacturer takes this into production!

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    Count me in for sure.

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    Great stuff that ZX1, congrats Pat.

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    I'd like one too. It looks awesome!

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