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How wide is your wifes chair? And, so does that mean at the width of your wifes chair anti tippers and armrests cannot be used at all to accommodate the zx1?
My wife's chair is 16" wide. We definitely had to remove the anti-tipper bases as they are mounted inside the clamps on camber bar, the bases for the anti tippers rubbed on drive tires of ZX-1 until removed. I don't think we necessarily had to remove recepticals for swing around arms as there is a way to adjust position of ZX-1 arms on the ZX-1 but we chose just to remove the receptical as my wife never uses those arms. The clamshell jaws that grab the camber bar are 9" across so you have to have that much clear space in the center of the camber bar. My wife uses a TiLite Aero Z, I use a Top end T6, 18" wide and will be trying the ZX-1 on this as soon as I can get the device away from my wife.