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Thread: Measuring FSH

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    Measuring FSH

    I'm in the process of getting a new chair and I've had some issues with my DME's measurements, so I'm triple checking all of his work.

    I know how to measure FSH and STFR on my current chair, but I'm curious how do you get the "ideal" measurements?

    For STFR, I'm measuring back of the knee down to my heel (with shoes), then subtracting my cushion's height.

    For FSH, I'm taking STFR + 2" for footrest clearance.

    These measurements are within 1" of what I have on my current chair, I'm just being paranoid since it looks like this next chair is going to be out of pocket.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I believe the fsh is going to be mostly determined by how much dump you want in your chair. The rsh affects performance of the chair as it corresponds to the placement of your arms in relation to the wheels, but the fsh is going to be partially how much dump you want and therefor the difference to the rsh, and then partially determined by leg length with the stfr and footrest clearance.
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