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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    I'm pretty sure that Burgerman is using them in his newest build, but it's been a couple of months since I read his page.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    I don't know if this video has been postted before I actually just ran accross this video the other day day on youtube. Its not a demo or showing the equipment. I just seen that he uses one.
    ok looks like he did have a different video in their of the add on for his chair

    WOW to myself everyone!! LOL I realized Mac85 was 1 of the guys in this video! lmao my bad But anyways this is an awesome invention! I may have to look into getting one!!!
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    I am in this:

    Lithium page:

    Everything is at the powder coaters. Soon to be re-assembled and put to full time use. I have tried lithiums at east LiFePO4 batteries with stock Pilot Plus systems. Works fine. As long as you understand the battery meter will be confused. Although there are plenty of other ways to monitor this.

    And balance charging via an external super accurate charger takes care of the rest. Here:

    And the roboteq robotics controller can be programmed to bring on a LED or stop the chair at any voltage so running too low also not a problem. No BMS system needed. All taken care of by the charging system, and controller.


    3x the range, 3x the speed, 1/2 the weight, FAST charging, charge typically every 3 to 5 days, 10 to 20 year expected battery life, lower resistance, no peukert effect,

    About 4x CHEAPER than lead /gel batteries long term. And the same price Ah per Ah today. Why on earth dont the "real" manufacturers get with the show?

    Burgerman. -- Oh yes, they dont give a s**t.
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    Thanks Burgerman.
    So if you want lithiums now follow the links.

    It's quite a bit of work building the cells especially the wiring and connectors. And using the Hyperion is a bit of a learning curve. Also you have to understand when and if you get an LED to warn you that a cell is too low you better get it on a charger quickly before you destroy a cell.
    Anther problem is the type of connectors used with the hyperion. They are tiny pins that aren't very durable. You'd also need a separate power supply since the hyperion runs off 12 - 24v.
    To make an easy to use mass market product like the ZX1 you'd have to have pre-assembled lithium packs with built in BMS boards and a bulk charger.
    Also the Roboteq robotics controller is not FDA approved for use on a powerchair, so it can't be sold in the US with one.

    And lastly the FAA limits the size of lithium batteries allowed on airplanes to something like 10 AH.

    Until one of the big three controller manufacturers comes out with a controller that is lithium compatible, you won't see any lithium powered chairs on the market.

    If you have the desire, patience and skills to build your own lithium set up, it can be done. I'm doing it for my own personal ZX1 thanks to the advice and knowledge I've learned from Burgerman and his website.

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    my chair is identical to this snd was bought in uk as the shoprider valetta. at £740 (july 2008) it was pretty much the cheapest travel powerchair i could find in a hurry. it has a 10a lithium battery (lifepo4) and a vsi controller ( the battery indicator on the joystick is crap, but theres a series of leds on the battery itself which i can see from the chair if i look in a mirror or shop window, and thats accurate. there are 5 lights that shut off one by one as the power drops, and when the last light blinks, the battery needs to be recharged. ive never been caught out.
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    Talking The Zx-1 is legit!

    I'm new to this forum but I purchased my zx1 from Pat last December. I have since modded it to work with the ez-lock in my van, and just upgraded the tires to all-terrain since I go to school in Utah. (lots of snow!) After 8 months of heavy use here's my review:

    Simply awesome. Buy it. If you are a quad, it will change your life.

    Pat has pics of my ez-lock mod and atv tires...feel free to post them if you want Pat.

    I have flown with it--much better than a power chair or heavy e-motion wheels.

    I have driven my '08 Honda with wonderfully goin up the ramp. (vmi northstar conversion)

    I especially enjoy going on dates with my wife, since I can be fully independent and easily pop out to fit under restaurant tables if needed.

    I owned e-motions for 3 yrs. They broke a lot...but when they were functional they were def. inferior to the zx1 b/c:

    My ultra-lightweight tilite zr ceases to be lightweight with emotions. Around the house I prefer to push myself, and w/out using battery power w/ emotions it was pretty tough to push a 90lb. chair.

    The battery charger on the emotions is really big & heavy. The zx1 charger is much smaller & portable...a little bigger than a laptop charger. This was really, really nice when I got stuck in the Denver airport for an extra 6 hrs...The zx1 was all recharged in about 90 mins I think, and the charger just went right back in my backpack.

    The zx1 handles ramps/hills better. Period.

    Pat's customer service is night & day better than frickin' Alber.

    My chair is narrower w/ zx1 than emotion.

    And I could go on...

    Who cares if someone says it looks like a "chopped off scooter?" Personally, I have only received compliments on how my zx1 looks, but whatev. It gets the job done, and it's a whole lot sexier than a power chair imho.

    This thing is the real deal. As I've said many times Pat--thank you, thank you, thank you. May you be blessed for this wonderful invention.

    -Sam Harrison

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    The lithiums can be fitted with a ready to go BMS system making them dummy proof. And a simple plug and play charger. Can even be your lead / gel one. I didnt do this since I am a control freak and like the graphing, control and accuracy etc that the hyperion gives me. And the ability to charge as I drive. And then I dont need on board BMS system.

    The lithiums start at 3.6v per cell. Fall to 3.3v after the first few yards each cell. They stay there and drop to 3.2v over the vast majority of the charge - about 90 percent of it...

    Then right at the end they drop like a rock. The chair will slow down very noticible as it aproaches the end of charge. You dont need a battery meter, it will feel like you ran out of fuel suddenly.

    Only if you continue past this point (2 to 2.5v per cell) do you cause any damage. And thats hard to do unless you are trying...
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    Chair Eval on 9/2. The ZX1 will definitely be discussed, and influence the final decision. I just sent Ryan at Spinergy an email to get on the list. Hopefully they can be covered by Ins. I'm C5 Incomplete.

    Any pics of EZ Lock attached as I would want to drive from chair. Thanks Pat!!

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    Thanks for all that Sam. It's great to hear from others that the ZX1 has changed their life like it has for me.
    Here's a pic of Sam's knobby tired, EZ-Lock ZX1:

    Just had to throw on the Freewheel for a shot:

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    Here's one photo of the ZX1 equipped for an EZ Lock.

    Pat beat me to it.

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