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Thread: power add-on for manual chair

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    I could build you one but it would be fairly expensive. I have to fabricate each part and there's a lot of labor involved(no jigs no computer aided laser cutter, etc..). So there's a lot of time measuring, cutting, drilling, grinding, setup, welding, ordering parts and driving to and from the powder coater's for example. It would probably take a few thousand to get me and another guy to build one off customs. I'd also be buying the parts needed at retail cost at first. So I'm looking for a manufacturer who's willing or able to make the parts cheaper and buy others at bulk wholesale.
    Here's an approximate parts list:
    motor's 1000
    controller 500
    batteries 150
    frogleg forks 300
    casters 150
    steel 100
    arm rests 150
    air shock 300
    actuators 200
    powdercoating 100
    total parts: 2950
    labor and consumables 2000
    So It would take around $5000.00 to get me to consider building one.
    The purpose of posting it on here is to show an alternative to the products on the market and see if there is a market for it and maybe attract investors and or manufacturers. That's what I'm doing now and hopefully it'll be available soon and be covered by insurance and VA.
    But if you've got money to burn feel free to call me and twist my arm.

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    that's really not bad given the cost of most equipment we buy. i'll let you know if i can work something out.

    i love the roll-on, roll-off concept. and the video is icing on the cake.

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    FYI: the guys @ Frog Legs have machining equipment in-house. Dunno if you might want to give them a shout, but they might be worth talking to for some stuff. I've been impressed with them.

    I have a hunch that motors + controllers could be found for less outside of the medical realm.

    Great concept & execution nonetheless.

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    I received the OK from one of their product managers to disclose publicly that Invacare/Top End has obtained the rights to the Zinger and they fully intend to get it into production. They haven't yet arrived at the final version that would go to market, but price should be less than $3,000 (let's hope).

    I had a chance to briefly drive a prototype yesterday, and I must confess it was pretty cool.

    I don't want to let that news hijack Pat's thread any more than it already has. His design is also cool, has it's own merits, and he is seeking everyone's feedback. I'll post a brief review in a new thread in a few days.

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    pat- that thing is pretty sweet!!
    An administrator made me remove my signature.

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    The one thing that turns me off is the weight and the problem that poses for transportability. Have you considered using lithium ion or NiMH batteries? 75 lbs. is a lot to lift into a car trunk.

    A related thing i like about my iGlide power assist is that even as a low quad, I can reach down and easily swap out a depleted battery for a charged one. It is also easy to carry the 7.5 lb. book-sized battery. I need to carry an extra when I go to my favorite fishing hole. When you are going on soft rugged terrain, none of the batteries give you anything close to the advertised distances.

    I really like the fact that I could hook up and shed the power drive of your system without help. No assembly/disassembly required has great appeal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    The one thing that turns me off is the weight and the problem that poses for transportability. Have you considered using lithium ion or NiMH batteries? 75 lbs. is a lot to lift into a car trunk.
    Yes having a easily removable battery pack is very important. That's something that will come with the refinement of the product. I went the easy route with the batteries when building the prototype just to make sure it worked. I'm also looking into the LifeP04 battteries as an option. I'm sure the production frame will be made out of a lighter material. Those two things will make it significantly lighter.

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    Any progress on this. It is a great invention. I would buy one in a heartbeat. The only concerns I have that were not mentioned is can you still use EZ-Lock? Would need the anti-tip also. Less obtrusive joystick also. Would this have to get through all the FDA red tape that a regular powerchair does? If so, I believe it takes a long time.

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    Thumbs up I love it!

    Fantastic!!! Would it work on a regular folding wheelchair? Sign me up it it will!!!!!

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    More questions from interested wheeler

    Your product looks great. I also like the easy hook-up.

    I'm also interested in if this item would work on a regular fold-up wheelchair - the ones that have solid or lift-up arms. Please think about making a version for us .

    Thanks. Would like more info updates. (Hope whoever ends up making it can offer it for a lower rate.

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