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Thread: Travel Lift for Cruise?

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    We'll be on a week-long Alaska cruise in August. On our last cruise, we rented a lift; as I recall, that set us back on the order of $275. The lift was the same clunky Hoyer that we have at home, and I could probably buy an equivalent (used) one for the cost of that rental. We used a Beasy board for the transfer to & from the bed in the hotel pre-cruise - that nearly was a disaster, as the bed was so high that we almost didn't make the uphill transfer & my wife nearly hit the floor.
    So anyway, I figure these are our choices now -

    1. We could take our lift with us this time. It only disassembles into a couple of large parts. That would mean rolling it the long way up to the ship, which would make quite a sight, as well as being a PITA.
    2. We could rent again and at least have a lift on the ship; take our chances with the transfer board in the hotel before & after the cruise (I haven't used the board for over a year; we now use the Hoyer and I'm putting in a ceiling lift).
    3. We could purchase a travel lift, like the Molift Smart or Hoyer Advance. But golly, those are expensive, especially the Molift!!! We don't travel much, so I don't know if I could justify that cost. I've been looking on eBay for a number of months, but haven't seen any.
    4. Does anyone between, say, Eugene (we're in Newberg) and Vancouver have a travel lift like one of the above that they would be willing to rent to me for (name a price) for a couple of weeks?

    Any other ideas?
    - Richard

    p.s. Spoke too soon - there's a Molift Smart on eBay right now. Buy it now for (only) $2950!!! Ack.

    Keep an eye out on craigslist they pop up every so often...

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    Hoyer Advance on eBay right now: $1399:

    The Molift Smart is a 150. The only Molift on eBay right now is the 180, which does not fold up small for travel/storage.

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    I purchased the Molift 150 on ebay several years ago. I also purchased the hard travel case for it too. I use it as my every day lift also.

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