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Thread: Trying to understand C 7 Quad

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    Quote Originally Posted by mckeownp View Post

    Steve Williams' Model SCI Rehab. at Boston Medical Center is very involved in the latest issues..
    This is where I went, and I was very pleased with the care and rehab I rec;d. Dr Williams is a great doctor.

    Re the morphine ..... If he is in pain, he needs to get this controlled. He cannot fully participate in his rehab if he is in severe pain. Morphine might not be the right choice, but there are other options that can be considered.

    Best wishes for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capecodsci View Post
    I rehab at Spaulding 6 years ago-- my advise is have the family members stay very involved- push him as much as possible--Spaulding was a very depressing place when I was there- they were understaffed and the majority of the nurses aids did not speak english-- my family would see me everyday and this helped tremendously- the Physical Therapists were OK--Dr. O'Connor was new then and was just OK-- If you could transfer him to Shepard in Georgia he might make out better. Make sure he gets as much PT as possible - this is a critical time in his recovery. My own opinion is I wouldn't send my dog to Spaulding. I hope it has changed over the years.
    Again, call Steve Williams at Boston Medical Centers Spinal Rehab. I would transfer asap. Case manager at Spaulding will give them his DIRECT phone #. Steve will review Lahey records and tell the family if your X got Meth-steroid. I bet he did. Leahy is 1st class trauma hospital. God bless.
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    Thank you- mckeownp. I had been suggesting they try to get him into Boston Medical Center. My sister-in-law said she's looking into it. I have also forwarded her Steve WIlliams' name and email address, as provided by you. I was tempted to email him myself but, not sure if it's appropriate for me to do it. I'm not in charge of his medical care.

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    my goodness, a lot going on. anal tube? well, KLD, imo, is our resident expert on daily care. sounds to me like this is not a great rehab

    btw, the "meth" i referenced is not the street drug, sorry. i can never remember the entire name but it has been around for yrs, thx to wise young and company, to help minimize the loss of function in first 48 hrs or so. anyway, like me, immaterial if he didn't get it.

    i was so bummed in is tough.
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    This week he was able to have his first drink and food. They started him slowly, with a donut. He told me his goal is pizza but, he has work to do before being allowed that. He wants to get in the gym. I'm glad to hear the ambition but, they need to continue weaning him form the vent as first priority.So far he can still only move his head. Still praying for him...

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    Is he still unhappy with his care? Are you still looking into getting him moved?

    Did they do his ASIA again? Is he actually C4? If so, then weaning from the vent is a critical and difficult goal.


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    I'm still worried about the anal tube, and he has his mind on pizza? LOL, he's doing ok. I think that there is some gym work that can be done even on a vent. Can he speak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Is he still unhappy with his care? Are you still looking into getting him moved?

    Did they do his ASIA again? Is he actually C4? If so, then weaning from the vent is a critical and difficult goal.


    I'm still waiting to hear if they've done the ASIA again. The family still hasn't gotten to meet Dr O'Connor and he arrived at Spaulding 11 days ago. That seems strange to me. I would insist.
    His sister is getting worried about the vent. He is up to being off for 4mins 3x a day. Seems like progress to me. Is that good progress for one week of work? They set him up with a portable vent, yesterday, so he could eat in the cafeteria with everyone.

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    If the family isn't willing to push, I'm not sure what you can do. It is very good they are getting him up and to the cafeteria. I wonder if they are leaving him there (at Spaulding) until he is weaned? Not all rehabs take vent patients that need weaned, it is a specialty thing. But I hope they plan to get him to a real rehab when that is completed.

    Sorry, I don't know much about the weaning. Here is a google page that will lead you to a lot of info re the process:

    It looks like a lot of the weaning process depends on the patient's strength. Post-sci, I literally didn't have the strength to digest food! Your body uses every reserve to survive and heal at that stage. I can't even tell you how exhausting every little thing was. So I wonder if he is just tiring after 4 minutes. The only cure for that is nutrition, rest and exercise. It is hard to rest as a new sci, they turn you every 2 hours, cath you every 4. I never got any sleep until I requested sleep meds and got ambien. Then I started getting strong in a hurry. Roomie used to laugh, said I'd snore away while they did all this stuff to me (my nose was broken, the snoring never did go away.)

    I worked really hard all day in rehab, and even after I was in bed. I needed my sleep. You might ask his family to be sure he is getting the rest he needs to get stronger. And the longer he is up, for instance going to the cafeteria, the quicker his strength will build.

    It's weird...I never once was sent to the cafeteria to eat. They fed us in our rooms.

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    I think moving him is dependent on the weaning. That is the only therapy he's getting right now. I guess he was not cooperating with the weaning today and saying his stomach hurt and he couldn't do it. His family pushed him to try and he did 10 minutes! (out of anger). I think their having trouble being optimistic, as each day is so difficult and progress is so slow.
    He did have a fever again this evening. They were icing him down. He's also starting to have strong spasms. Gues he has some light pressure soars, too.
    Sister is still looking to get him into Boston Medical. She's supposed to let me know how that's going tomorrow.

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