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Thread: Trying to understand C 7 Quad

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    The visit went well. Our son handled it pretty well. I had him visit a good amount during the trip, within reason. He is 9 and could only handle so much. I spent almost every day at Spaulding, trying to help out. Leaving was difficult for them. Thank you for asking.
    Since the visit, things seemed to go downhill for Keith. He hasn't been calling his son very ften and w can't reach him. He began having anxiety and irritability issues. I think his care has slipped due to the "issues". Spaulding and Keith are ready for him to leave.
    He has a Baclofen pump put in this week and will be moving to Raynham this week, as well. He has had no return since his accident in May.
    I continue to pray for him and hope for the best.

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    I'm glad your stepson handled things well,but your poor husband.I'm sorry,I hope he finds peace soon.I know quite a few injuries didn't go through their grief stage until later on,I didn't.Atleast he's getting it out now.I hope he talks to a proffessional ,gets on a good med for his anxiety & gets into some good therapy & activities soon to free his mind.Best wishes.

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    Don't give up the fight. Whether it be the big picture goal of life returning to normal down to the exact room he wants in a particular rehab center, never give up.

    - K
    C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.

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    Thank you for the words of encouragement. Although it's hard seeing him like this, I've got it so easy. I can't imagine what he must be feeling. I wish I could do more, even though he put me through a lot of tough times in the past. I really want him to have the best recovery he can.

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