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Thread: Join ThisAbled for a Webinar with Dr. Wise Young- Sign Up Today!

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    Join ThisAbled for a Webinar with Dr. Wise Young- Sign Up Today!

    Join the Central Jersey Spinal Cord Injury Association and ThisAbled for this informative and hopeful webinar by world-renowned researcher, advocate, and friend to people with disabilities, Dr. Wise Young. The two part forum will feature a stem cell primer and discussion of clinical trials.

    Dr. Wise Young, founding director of the W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience and a professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey is recognized as one of the world's outstanding neuroscientists. Dr Young obtained a doctorate from the University of Iowa and a medical degree from Stanford University. After a surgery internship at New York University and Bellevue Medical Center, he joined the neurosurgery department at NYU. In 1984, he became director of neurosurgery research. In 1997, as part of Rutgers' commitment to the future, Dr. Young was recruited to establish and direct a world-class center for collaborative neuroscience.

    This one and a half hour webinar will be broken into two sections. The first will be a primer on stem cells including:

    -What are stem cells?
    -Where did the concept of using stem cells originate?
    -Are there different kinds of stem cells?
    -How do they work?
    -What will they cure?

    The second part will be a discussion on promising clinical trials and what the researchers hope to accomplish. This in-depth presentation will be specific to the trials and how the participants can help. Following this presentation, Dr. Young will take questions from the audience either via phone or through the web.

    The webinar “Stem Cells to Clinical Trials” is one of three spinal cord related topics Thisabled will feature this year through the generous support of the Central Jersey Spinal Cord Association. Register Now-
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    Special guest Santina Muha, Ms. Wheelchair NJ 2009, will also be taking part in the Webinar.

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    can I get CEU's? :-)
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    Remember to sign up!

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    No Linux clients, unfortunately. Will the webcast be available in an archive?'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Steven, the Webinar will be available in archive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Steven, the Webinar will be available in archive.
    Jim - when/where?

    Wise - kudos. It worked well. Great/concise presentation. Never thought I'd see you using Vista.

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    signed up for it a few minutes beforehand, wanted to be sure I was present.
    Started storming about 4:01 and no internet for the next hour or so.
    I'll look for the archive later.
    Thanks for the heads up post !

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    Thumbs up Webinar pdf

    where's the pdf from the Webinar 6/11/09? I checked the site and couldn't find it. The presentation was great and at times a little garbled due to our weather condtions in Texas.
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    I'll post the info as soon as i get it.

    Great job Javier & Santina.

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