I've been reading this forum for the last six months so I figure it's about time that I contribute.

I am a T11 complete as a result of a mountain bike crash almost a year ago. I spent about 3 months at Craig hospital before being released back into the wild. Currently I live with my (new) fiance in Highlands Ranch, Co. But we are about to move to Pittsburgh in July. Just before I got hurt we were planning on moving there so that I could start the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon (CMU). After I was injured CMU graciously deferred my acceptance for a year. It was a hard decision to leave Colorado this time, but I really wanted to attend the school, and I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I am pretty nervous about moving to a new town (I grew up in Co), especially one so old, and we have run into many problems finding accessible housing. I am hoping everything will work itself out before classes start in August though.

As for me, I am doing well. Initially after my injury I struggled with really bad back pain as a result of poor posture. Urinary incontinence has also plagued me. I have a combination of a UMN and LMN injury which gives me a very flacid bladder and stress incontinence. For a while every transfer I did or any time I strained down would cause me to leak. This totally prevented me from getting the excercise I wanted and made me fearful of going out in public. I had a few durasphere injections (similar to collagen) which didn't make that much of a difference. A few months ago I had the male sling procedure dont which has made a dramatic improvement (although I still have problems when I sneeze or go into a coughing fit).

I think I am doing well, there are good days and bad days..
I am looking forward to my first post-injury vacation this summer, my fiance and I are going to Vancouver at the end of june. I am excited to see the sights and do some kayaking.